Complete Security System and BONUS Camera Included
with video monitoring

Your ADT ® Monitored Security System Includes

1 ADT Doorbell Camera
or 1 Interior Camera

Entry Door Contact Sensors

Pet Immune Motion Detector
Digital Keypad

Loud High Decible Siren

Remote Access

Backup System Battery
Keychain Remote

Yard Sign and Window Decals

24/7 Monitoring

And More...
Ask About Other
Pulse Technology Available
Home Control Features
Turn Lights On & Off

Adjust Thermostat

Garage Door Control

Custom Alerts and Notifications

Protecting our Communities, One Household at a Time.

Customer Reviews

I had my SafeStreets/ADT security system installed last week. Not only was he on time, he called when he said he would to insure I was still available for the setup, he was the most polite and courteous young man I have spoken to in a very long time.

See I lost my vision 2 years ago from an explosion from an improvised explosive device and I am now totally blind, not able to even see light. Jacob thought so far ahead that he attempted to bring brail contracts for me. When he arrived we sat down and he asked me by saying, “Mr Davis, I have never worked with a customer who is blind, so could you please tell me how I can make this install more comfortable for you?" Now how many other people or companies would even think to ask that question? He explained everything he was doing, explained where he was placing every sensor and let me feel them so that I would know what they “looked like” and explained why he choose that position. When we got to the panel, since it is a touch screen we went over it many times. He never once rushed me nor acted frustrated.

I spent 26 total years in the US Army with 24 being in various Special Forces units. I do not thank people for doing their job. That is what they are paid to do. But when someone goes above and beyond their call of duty like Jacob did, then I believe they need to be recognized. So thank you Jacob for everything you did for myself and my family.

- SGM Brian D. US Army (Ret)