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Smart Door Lock Installation in Orlando, FL

Your house is your castle, and you need to ensure that you’re helping to keep it secure. One of the best ways to do so is to go with a SafeStreets smart door lock. Similar to traditional locks, there are plenty of options available if you are looking for a smart door lock for your Orlando, FL home. At SafeStreets, we are an Authorized ADT Provider, and we can help you select the best smart door lock for your home. Learn more about how a SafeStreets smart door lock can help you protect your house, and count on us to install your smart door lock for you.

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Smart Door Locks

Features of Smart Door Locks from SafeStreets

One of the biggest benefits of choosing smart door locks is that you will have access to a wide variety of features that can help you keep your Orlando, FL home safe. A few of the biggest benefits include:

Keyless Entry

If you are tired of fumbling for your keys in your pocket, backpack, or purse, then you should go with SafeStreets smart door locks instead. You can take advantage of keyless entry features, such as numerical keypads and even fingerprint scanners, that can help you get into your house without needing a key.

Live Alerts

If you decide to go with a smart door lock, you will also have a record of everyone who comes and goes. That means you can take a look at the log and see which codes were used, who they correspond to, and figure out who was coming and going. Furthermore, you can set up alerts that let you know when someone enters your home. If a code is used to get through the door, you can take a look at your phone and see who just arrived.

Mobile Access

With a smart door lock from SafeStreets, you can also take advantage of mobile access. Using your mobile app, you can control the locks in your home, locking and unlocking the door at will. For example, if you have someone coming over to take care of your pets, you can let them in when they arrive. You don’t have to physically be there to open the door.

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The Benefits of Having Smart Door Locks

At SafeStreets, it is our pleasure to help you get the most out of your smart door locks. Some of the most important benefits of installing smart door locks from SafeStreets include:

Improved Home Security

Smart door locks simply help make your Orlando, FL home more secure. There are a lot of risks if you have a traditional lock on your front door. You could have your keys stolen, meaning someone could use them to get into your home. Furthermore, a traditional lock can be picked, which is not something you have to worry about with a smart door lock. Use a smart door lock to improve the security of your home.

Let People in While You’re Away

If you’re out of town, you might need to let someone into your home to take care of your pets, clean up your house, or fix one of your utilities. Even if you are not home, you can let people in using your phone. Or, you can give them a code to get in the house. You don’t have to worry about leaving a key underneath the plant on your front porch.

No More Keys

Speaking of keys, you don’t have to worry about them anymore if you have a smart door lock on your Orlando, FL home. You don’t have to worry about losing your keys, figuring out which key goes with which lock or one of your older keys breaking inside the lock.

Access Via Smartphones

As mentioned above, you can access your smart door lock via your smartphone. All you have to do is open your app, select the lock you want to unlock, and open the door. This is particularly helpful if you want to let your kids in after school before you get back from work.

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Why Trust SafeStreets Smart Door Locks Over the Competition?

Even though there are plenty of smart door locks available, you should go with smart door locks from SafeStreets. Some of the biggest reasons why you should trust SafeStreets for your smart door locks include:
  • You will always get a free quote before you decide to install a smart door lock. That way, you know exactly how much money you have to pay to put a smart door lock on the front of your Orlando, FL home.
  • You might get a discount on your home insurance if you have a security system. ADT will give you an alarm monitoring certificate that you can use to possibly save money on your home insurance.
  • If you need to pack up and move, you might get a discount on the cost of disconnecting your smart door lock and installing it somewhere else.
If you want to get the most out of your SafeStreets smart door lock, make sure you work with the team from SafeStreets to help you.

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If you own a home, protecting your family and your property is one of your top priorities. If you want help securing your home, make sure you work with the team from SafeStreets. We are honored to be one of the largest and most experienced Authorized ADT Providers in the country. We have a presence in more than 44 states, and we use our experience to help you find the best smart door lock for your home. Contact us today to schedule your smart door lock installation in Orlando, Florida.

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