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Turn Your House Into a Smart Home with SafeStreets Automation

Have you ever dreamed of fully automating your home into a smart home? With today's homes becoming more electronic and high-tech, each additional system is making life more difficult and complicated rather than fun and straightforward. Take away the confusion of it all with our easy-to-use integrated systems that eliminate the clutter and let's home automation do it for you. Whether you want a video doorbell camera, smart thermostat, or, even, a smart door lock, everything you need is controlled in one place with SafeStreets. Customize your home automation system by contacting our professionals.

Video Doorbell Camera
Always know who is on your front doorstep with our video doorbell cameras. Along with checking on visitors, you can even unlock or lock your doors all at the touch of a button using your home automation systems.
ADT Mobile App
Take remote control of your home with the ADT mobile app. This fully-integrated app allows you to lock doors, adjust temperatures, and arm or disarm your home security system. You will also get alerted of any changes.
Smart Thermostat
Take control of the temperature of your home no matter where you are with our smart thermostats. Smart thermostats also make it easy to adjust the air conditioning or heating system to an energy-preferred temperature.
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