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Are you looking for the best way to help protect your home and your family? If so, you should install a video doorbell camera. The Orlando, Florida area is one of the most popular places in the country with plenty of amusement parks and numerous amenities. As a result, you might not always be home. In this situation, how can you keep your house and your family safe?

At SafeStreets, we are an Authorized ADT Provider, and we can set you up with some of the best video doorbell cameras in the industry. Learn more about our options below, and contact us to schedule your installation appointment today.

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Video Doorbell Camera

How Do Video Doorbell Cameras Work?

A video doorbell camera is a doorbell that comes equipped with a camera. The camera allows you to take a look at what is going on outside your house, particularly when someone approaches your front door and rings the doorbell. This is important regardless of whether you are at home or out and about.

Similar to other home security products, there are plenty of features you might find in your video doorbell camera. The vast majority of them connect to your home’s internet system. Then, it uses Wi-Fi to communicate with you, regardless of whether you are home or not. Furthermore, a lot of video doorbells come equipped with motion detectors. The camera might automatically turn on if it detects someone moving in front of the camera.

In addition, a video doorbell camera often comes with recording capabilities. For example, if someone steals a package from your front porch, the video doorbell camera should capture a video of this person stealing your package. Then, the police can use the video footage to track down the person who did it.

Finally, you might even be interested in a video doorbell camera that comes with a speaker. You can use the speaker to talk to someone at your front door, regardless of whether this is a neighbor, a delivery driver, or someone asking you if they can clean your gutters.

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Who Can Benefit from a Doorbell Camera?

There are lots of people who can benefit from having a video doorbell camera installed in their Orlando home. A few of the biggest examples include:


If you are renting your home to someone else, you might want to install a video doorbell camera that allows you to keep track of who is coming and going from your property. You might not be there all the time, and you might be interested in overnight visitors or long-term guests who might frequent the property. A video doorbell camera is also important for helping protect your renters from harm.


If you own your Orlando, FL home, you should consider installing a video doorbell camera. This is important for communicating with people who might approach your house. You might want to tell the delivery driver to leave your package somewhere else, or you may want to talk to your next door neighbor who is coming by to drop something off.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens should certainly consider installing a video doorbell camera. Unfortunately, senior citizens are common targets for burglars. A video doorbell camera can help alert senior citizens when someone is approaching the house.

Those Living Alone

If you live by yourself, you might want to have added protection. You never know when someone may try to break into your home. A video doorbell camera can give you advance warning using motion detectors. Then, you can communicate with people before they approach your front door.


Parents should also use a video doorbell camera to help keep their kids safe. They can monitor when their kids get home from school, and they have the option to talk to their kids when they walk in the front door. They can also help keep track of friends who may come and go.

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The Benefits of Choosing SafeStreets for Your Home Security Needs

If you want to get the most out of your video doorbell camera, then you should trust SafeStreets to help you. Some of the biggest benefits of partnering with our team include:
  • We are one of the largest providers of video doorbell cameras in the world. We have a presence in more than 44 states, and this includes the Orlando, Florida area.
  • We provide some of the best customer services in the industry. We are always available when you need us, and we provide one-hour windows for our appointments because we respect your time.
  • We are transparent about our customer reviews. If you would like to see what our customers have to say about us, take a look!
  • We have an unparalleled level of experience. As one of the longest running Authorized ADT Providers, we have an exceptional understanding of our products, and we can use this experience to find the best product to meet your needs.
For all of these reasons, trust the professionals at SafeStreets to help you find the best video doorbell camera to meet your needs.

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These are just a few of the many benefits you will enjoy if you decide to go with SafeStreets for your video doorbell camera installation needs in Orlando, Florida. If you want help protecting your home and your family from harm, make sure you install a video doorbell camera with the help of SafeStreets. Contact us today to schedule your installation appointment.

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