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If you’re a resident of Florida, you know just how devastating floods can be to the home. Whether your home becomes flooded due to an appliance malfunction, inclement weather, or any other reason, floods can be devastating and lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Heavy rains and extreme thunderstorms are very common in Tampa, FL, so investing in a system to help prevent water damage seems like a smart idea. 

Fortunately, SafeStreets offers flood sensors technology with 24/7 ADT monitoring to help you protect your home from water damage. If you’re away on business, have evacuated the area, or simply want to be notified of any floods, SafeStreets’ ADT-monitored flood sensors will send instant notifications to your phone.

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Flood Sensors

How Do Flood Sensors Work?

Flood sensors are some of the most useful pieces of equipment and safety devices for any homeowner. Flood sensors are placed in areas of the home that might be prone to water damage and flooding. This includes near water heaters, appliances such as dishwashers and laundry machines, pipes, and in areas such as your basement. 

It’s important to place flood sensors in various areas to help you detect all types of flooding, whether from appliances or inclement weather. Flood sensors work by using two conductive probes attached to the sensor. Water conducts electricity between these two probes, closing the circuit between them and alerting you to floods.

SafeStreets’ flood sensors also use wireless ADT-monitored technology. This makes them incredibly portable, easily placeable, as well as the added benefit of sending alerts to your phone. Other flood sensors don’t use 24/7 ADT monitoring, which alerts one of six command centers in North America to dispatch police to your home as soon as they are alerted of a flood.

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Monitor Your Home Remotely

If you’re away from home, whether for a short or extended period of time, it’s important to get notifications of possible flood damage as soon as possible. The longer you wait to act on leaks and floods, the bigger the possibility is for your home to have thousands of dollars worth of water damage to your Tampa, FL home.

Fortunately, you can monitor your home remotely through SafeStreets’ ADT-monitored flood sensors. These sensors will send notifications to your phone and alert you which specific device is sensing flood or leaks. This helps you to have peace of mind and narrow down which area of the home needs attention.

In addition, this will help you to take the guesswork out of finding a possible leak and address the issue as soon as possible. With instant notifications, you can lower the risk of flood damage, which includes mold and mildew buildup, damage to drywall, and foundational damage to the home. 

While you’re being notified of potential floods and leaks, ADT’s 24/7 monitoring service will also be notified so they can dispatch police to possible floods. This is incredibly important if you want to help keep your home safe for an elderly or disabled loved one. In this sense, SafeStreets’ ADT-monitored flood sensors are one of the best ways to help keep your home and family safe.

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Why Trust SafeStreets With Your Home Protection Needs?

Although you might be able to buy wireless flood sensors at your local hardware store, these sensors aren’t equipped with ADT monitoring like those offered by SafeStreets. SafeStreets’ ADT-monitored equipment and technology help give a leg up on any products you can buy at the store.

Our customers have rated SafeStreets very high for home security installations. We offer professional customer service and installation by one of our trained smart security pros. Your technician will be able to work with you to help determine the best places to install your flood sensors and all other security technology. From carbon monoxide detectors to window and door alarms and more, SafeStreets wants to provide a full safety package for all homeowners.

SafeStreets operates in 44 states and the District of Columbia, servicing 90% of households in the United States. SafeStreets is one of the oldest, largest, and most reliable ADT Authorized Providers. Not only can you depend on SafeStreets’ technicians and wealth of experience to help secure your home, but you can also do it all within a day. SafeStreets offers same-day installation within a one-hour timeframe for all homeowners. 

All SafeStreets packages include 24/7 ADT monitoring, optional life safety equipment, and maintenance and extended warranty options. We do this to help homeowners stay safe and secure in their home. 

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