Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation in Atlanta, GA

There’s nothing worse than being unprotected inside your own home. One of the deadliest threats to your home and family is carbon monoxide gas. This is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can be fatal even in small doses. For homeowners in Atlanta, GA, it’s crucial to install carbon monoxide detectors as part of everyday home protection.
At SafeStreets, we offer carbon monoxide detectors that are backed by ADT monitoring. Our ADT-monitored carbon monoxide detectors are linked to live services that can dispatch help immediately after carbon monoxide is detected. If you want to help protect your home and family, SafeStreets’ carbon monoxide detectors with 24/7 ADT monitoring are the perfect tool.
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How Does a Carbon Monoxide Detector Work?

Carbon monoxide detectors offered by SafeStreets use electrochemical sensing to detect even low levels of carbon monoxide. This can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from potentially being fatal. To do so, carbon monoxide detectors measure the amount of carbon monoxide in the air surrounding it.

Once carbon monoxide enters the detector, it will trigger an alarm that will alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide in the air. Because the carbon monoxide detector relies on gases in order to set off an alarm, your carbon monoxide detectors will be incredibly accurate and unlikely to produce a false alarm.

Carbon Monoxide Detector 1 - Life & Safety

Quick, Reliable Response Times

Once the local authorities or emergency services are alerted by a 24/7 ADT monitoring station, they will be immediately dispatched to your home. When it comes to carbon monoxide poisoning, the longer someone waits to get help, the more exposed they will become and the more serious the symptoms can become.

SafeStreets offers Carbon Monoxide detectors that all come standard with ADT monitoring. If you are ever incapacitated due to carbon monoxide poisoning, or if you have a relative who is disabled and cannot call for help, 24/7 monitoring can help dispatch emergency personnel to your home immediately.

You can receive instant notifications that will alert you to the first sign of carbon monoxide. When installed by our team of Smart Security Pros, carbon monoxide detectors can prove to be life-saving products for any home fire and life safety system. We'll make sure to place them in areas of the home where your family spends a considerable amount of time, such as outside of bedrooms and your living room.

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Why Trust SafeStreets With Your Home’s Security?

SafeStreets has over a decade of experience providing high-quality service and products to homeowners all across the United States. We are an ADT Authorized Provider, giving families all over the country access to high-quality home security equipment.
SafeStreets operates in 44 states and covers over 90% of the country. We’re proud to offer customers a one-hour time frame for installation services. Whether you want to install carbon monoxide detectors, fire detectors, video surveillance, or a home automation system, we’ll schedule a tight time window to help protect your home.
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If you're ready to help protect your home and family members from carbon monoxide, SafeStreets is here to help! We'll send one of our expertly trained members of our Smart Security Pro team to visit your home and determine the best placement of carbon monoxide detectors for maximum home protection. We'll also help you explore other home security options to best suit your needs. Call us today for a free quote and to schedule an appointment with SafeStreets in Atlanta, GA!

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