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If you’ve heard how convenient and helpful it is to have a smart thermostat, consider installing one in your home with help from SafeStreets, an ADT Authorized Provider in Indianapolis. Our team can provide you with professional smart thermostat installation services. With a one-hour appointment window, installation is quick, easy, and convenient. Learn more about the features and benefits of this new smart home technology.

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Features of Smart Thermostats from SafeStreets

Smart thermostats come with a variety of great features that will help give you more control over the temperature in your home, even if you aren't there.

Auto Schedules

You can create a customized schedule for your smart thermostat so that it comes on and shuts off just when you want it to. Many people use this to heat up or cool down their homes before they come home from work. When nobody is home, the system can be programmed to shut off, saving you money on your heating and AC bills. This allows you to come home to a comfortable temperature every day without running your system continuously while you were gone. 

Custom Alerts

If you want to stay aware of what is going on with your thermostat, you can create custom alerts to tell you what you want to know. Are the kids changing the temperature when you aren’t at home? Is it getting far too hot or cold at home? Real-time alerts can help you know exactly what is happening. 

Remote Control

With a smart thermostat, you can control your home’s temperatures remotely. Whether you’re in a different room or across town, you can control your home’s temperature right from your smartphone. This provides you with greater control over your power bill by not running the heat or AC when nobody is home.

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The Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

  • With a smart thermostat, you can control your HVAC system from anywhere by using your smartphone. This provides you with greater overall control of your home’s temperatures.
  • Smart thermostats have easy scheduling capabilities so that you can program yours to heat and cool as needed according to your family’s schedule. Many people set schedules to turn down the temperature while they’re sleeping, and then have the temperature begin to rise before they wake up. 
  • You can use the app to track your energy usage. The ADT Control app allows you to control the thermostat, but it also shows you your energy usage so that you can make changes to it if needed. 
  • With this smart learning technology, the thermostat gets to know how and when you use it. After it’s learned more about how you operate the system, it can be programmed to make any adjustments that it believes you might want to make.
  • You can set up alerts on your system so that you are told when the thermostat has changed in real-time.
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SafeStreets Is the Leader in Smart Thermostat Installation

SafeStreets offers services in 44 states. In Indiana, they are the oldest ADT Authorized provider in the state. This has given us extensive experience in providing Indianapolis homes with high-quality smart thermostats.
When you want a smart thermostat installed, go for the leader in these installations. SafeStreets is an ADT Authorized Provider that always takes your convenience and schedule into account. When you want it done right the first time, call on SafeStreets to handle your smart thermostat installation.
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Schedule Smart Thermostat Installation With SafeStreets

If you've decided to take more control over your home's comfort and energy usage, then it's time to schedule a smart thermostat installation with SafeStreets. With a one-hour window for your appointment, SafeStreets respects your time and will work with you to get your installation completed quickly and efficiently.

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