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Smoke Detector Installation in Indianapolis, IN

Every home needs to be equipped with a working smoke detector. Today’s smoke detectors use the latest technology to help keep your home safer than ever. SafeStreets installs smoke detectors that are backed by ADT monitoring. Count on SafeStreets for smoke detector installation services in the Indianapolis, IN area.

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Features of Smoke Detectors from SafeStreets

Smoke detectors from SafeStreets come with a variety of important features to help keep your household safer.

Rate-of-Rise Detection

When it gets noticeably hotter in your home, your smoke detector will be alerted to the rising temperatures. The rate of the rise in temperature is an important indicator in detecting a fire. The earlier that your smoke detector is able to detect that a fire might be present, the sooner that you can take the necessary steps to help protect your family.

Enhanced Default Detection

The sensors in our state-of-the-art smoke detectors use enhanced default detection to detect the difference between a real fire and a false alarm. If something in the kitchen gets burned, this isn’t as likely to set off the smoke detectors. With fewer false alarms, you can better rely on your smoke detector to alert you to an emergency. 

Monitored Fire Detection

With ADT monitoring your smoke detector, someone is standing by 24/7 watching out so they can help alert you to the presence of any heat or smoke. ADT monitoring can help even if you aren’t at home. When there is trouble that you may not be home to respond to, an ADT monitoring professional can contact the fire department on your behalf.

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Monitored Smoke Detection from SafeStreets

When you install ADT-monitored smoke detectors in your home, the ADT Control app will help you stay connected with your home even when you're not there. ADT monitoring of your smoke detectors is in place around the clock to help protect your home at all times.

Constant monitoring is important to have in order to reduce the amount of damage done to your home. If there's a fire, the local fire department can be alerted right away even if you aren't there to call them. This essential safety equipment can help keep your home, pets, and family safer.

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The team at SafeStreets is highly trained and experienced in smoke detector installation process. This includes finding the best possible places to install your home’s new smoke detectors. With a free quote on every smoke detector installation, you can find out the cost of installing smoke detectors before deciding to proceed with the process. Your free quote for installation comes with no obligation on your part.
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If you need smoke detectors that use the latest in technology to help keep you and your family safe, reach out to SafeStreets to schedule smoke detector installation services. Helping you to stay safe is our top priority, and we install detectors that are reliable and accurate to help.

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