Boston, MA Flood Sensor Installation

One of the biggest threats to your home is water damage. Floods and natural disasters, as well as broken appliances and burst pipes can cause a substantial amount of water damage. Water damage can prove costly, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately, there is an effective solution to help protect your home from extensive flood and water damage. 


At SafeStreets, we offer ADT-monitored flood sensors to alert you to any potential water damage. Our flood sensors are highly sensitive, backed by 24/7 ADT monitoring, and can help you know the instant there is water leaking somewhere in your home to prevent it from spreading further.

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How Do Flood Sensors Work?

Flood sensors are small, yet powerful pieces of equipment. SafeStreets places flood sensors near areas that are prone to flooding. This includes areas next to your washing machine, water heater, or vulnerable areas of the home such as the basement.

Flood sensors are triggered once they sense a rise in water levels. Since water conducts electricity, small probes are located on the underside of all flood sensors. Once there is a change in water levels and water seeps into the flood sensor, the electrical circuit will be completed.

This technology is all wireless and makes it easy to install flood sensors without the use of additional wires. In addition, all it takes is a small amount of water for your wireless flood sensor to be triggered. Once the sensor is triggered, you will be immediately notified through your ADT Control app and ADT monitoring professionals. This can help you alert family members to address flooding issues or call a plumber in case of an emergency situation. Fortunately, with help from a SafeStreets Smart Security Pro, you’ll be able to place your flood sensors in areas of the home to ensure maximum protection and coverage.

Flood Sensor 3 - Life & Safety
Flood Sensor 3 - Life and Safety
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Professional Flood Sensor Monitoring Installation to Minimize Risk

Water damage can wreak havoc on your home. It can cause a variety of issues, such as foundational issues, mold and mildew buildup, and destroy personal property. Unfortunately, flooding inside of a home is all too common, especially if you own an older home or have older appliances that are prone to leaking. It’s important to protect every area of your home against flooding so you don’t have to deal with hazards later on.

For instance, if your basement has experienced a leak for quite some time, this can lead to mold growth. Mold spores can cause health issues and are especially dangerous for people with pre-existing conditions like asthma and allergies.

When you call SafeStreets, we will send a Smart Security Pro team member that will assist you in finding the best places for your wireless flood sensors. There are other places that can benefit from having a wireless sensor installed, besides underneath washers and water heaters.

Other areas you might commonly see flood sensors placed are in the kitchen underneath pipes, inside of sink cabinets, next to dishwashers, or next to areas of condensation such as an air conditioning unit. All of these areas can be prone to flooding. SafeStreets can help protect your home from water damage when you have flood sensors installed throughout your home.

SafeStreets: A History of Excellence

SafeStreets has helped provide security services using ADT monitoring in 44 states including the Boston, MA area. With over 500 qualified Smart Security Pros on our team, we’ve dedicated our business to helping answer questions, help homeowners ease their fears, and find ways to protect their homes.

SafeStreets is the nation’s largest and most trusted ADT Authorized Providers. 24/7 ADT monitoring means they're able to help protect your home at all hours of the day and dispatch help if needed. Our customers love our customer service, attention to detail, and our fast service, and our great reviews are a reflection of that. At SafeStreets, we value your time, and unlike other security companies, we won’t have you wait long for service. We offer service within a one-hour time frame, so you can begin to protect your home almost immediately.

SafeStreets also has a variety of packages and plans for homeowners to enjoy. There’s nothing better than finding the right plan for your home, and getting all of your security needs met within your budget.

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