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Smart devices make our lives easier. You may have a smart thermostat or virtual assistant that you already enjoy. If you’re enjoying your current home automation tools, or want to add more to your home, smart plugs from SafeStreets are a good place to start. 


Take a look at some of the top features of smart plugs below, and reach out to us to speak to a SafeStreets team member to find out how smart plugs can improve your home and why professional installation of these devices can make all the difference. We would be happy to help you take full advantage of smart plugs in your home.

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How Do Smart Plugs Work?

Smart plugs are different from smart lights. Smart lights are lightbulbs that can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. Smart plugs stick into the electrical outlets in your home. Then, you plug the cord into the smart plug. Instead of plugging the wire into the electrical outlet directly, a smart plug is the connection between the wire for the appliance and the wall outlet.

Once you have smart plugs installed, take advantage of their convenience by connecting it to your smartphone or virtual assistant. Then, you can use this connectivity to turn the plug on and off at will with your voice or from controls on your phone. Smart plugs can also dim any lamp without a dimmer switch, and you can set schedules with your phone to turn your lights on and off at certain times.

And it’s not just lights that work well with smart plugs; appliances do, too! Even if the appliance is not a smart appliance, you can turn it into one using a smart plug. For example, you can turn on your coffee maker from your bed with just the tap of a button on your phone. If you leave for work and forgot to turn the coffee maker off, you can do so just by tapping the same button on your phone. Or you can set a schedule with your smart plug. Your coffee maker will automatically start in the morning, and then turn off by lunch.

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Why Wall Switches Are a Smart Addition

Wall switches can be a great addition to your home. Even though you are used to your standard light switches, you may want to use smart plugs and smart wall switches. These can be very beneficial for your home. You can connect them to your ADT control app, and operate the lights in your home remotely.

While smart plugs and smart lights are great for appliances that plug into the wall, they can’t control a light fixture like your kitchen chandelier or bedroom recessed lights. A smart switch can make these fixtures smart so they can be controlled with your phone or virtual assistant. Installation of smart switches involves swapping out your existing switches, and it's a good idea to have an experienced professional install them for you.

How Can SafeStreets Serve You?

At SafeStreets, our top priority is to make sure that you are happy with your products and services. We can use all of our experience and knowledge to assist you. We are proud to be an ADT Authorized Provider, and we are trusted by customers all over the country, including Boston. We stay up to date with the latest home automation hardware, and we’re happy to help you improve your home with smart technology.

We understand that you probably have a lot of questions about the different products and services we offer. We will always take the time to answer them before we install anything in your home. We put this reputation on the line every time we help our customers and clients. We always deliver, and we can do the same for you.

If you are ready to install smart plugs in your home, we will be happy to talk more about them with you. We will figure out the best possible locations for them, and we will help make sure they are connected to your phone properly so you can easily use them.

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Homes all over the Boston, Massachusetts area are upgrading their light fixtures with smart plugs and smart switches. Are you ready to join them with this innovative technology? If so, our team is here to help you.

We are SafeStreets, and we can install smart plugs into homes of all shapes and sizes. We know that your needs are slightly different from everyone else’s, and we would be happy to customize our products and services to meet your needs. If you would like to integrate these plugs with the other smart systems in your home, give us a call today to make an appointment.

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