Nashville, TN Flood Sensor Installation

If you live in the Nashville, Tennessee area, you know that it can rain from time to time. You never know when a severe storm is going to roll through, so it is important for you to install flood sensors. Flood sensors are important for helping to detect not only the effects of storms on your house, but also ruptured pipes, roof leaks, and other water disasters that could cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage throughout your home. At SafeStreets, it is our pleasure to offer ADT-monitored flood sensors. Learn more about how these flood sensors can help keep your home and family safe. 
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Flood Sensors

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Where Should You Place Flood Sensors?

If you want to help keep your home and family protected, it is important for you to install high-quality flood sensors throughout a variety of areas in your home. Some of the most important locations you should install flood sensors include:


If you have a basement in your home, you might not be down there all the time. However, a flood can happen when you least expect it. You need to have flood sensors in your basement that can help rapidly notify you in the event of a water leak in your basement.


You have a significant amount of plumbing in a small space in your bathroom. If something goes wrong, the flood sensor has to go off immediately. That way, you can respond as quickly as possible and limit the damage.

Laundry Room

You might not realize just how big that water hose feeding your washing machine is. If it begins to leak, you need to be notified as quickly as possible. Installing a flood sensor can help you make sure that happens.

Under Sinks 

It is also helpful to install a flood sensor underneath the sink. If you see water spilling out from the area underneath the sink, it is already too late. You need to use a flood sensor to help you limit the damage of a leaking or ruptured pipe. 

Water Heaters

You should also install a flood sensor near your water heater. A water heater should last for years; however, you never know when a leak is going to develop. A flood sensor can help you limit the potential damage created by a leaking water heater.

If you want to install flood sensors in your Nashville home, count on the experienced team from SafeStreets to help you.

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Cameras and Flood Sensor Integration

Because there are so many flood sensors available, you might be wondering which ones are the best options for your home. At SafeStreets, we offer and install ADT-monitored flood sensors, which are some of the most advanced flood sensors on the market.

Some advanced flood sensors include cameras. These flood sensors are still very straightforward. If the sensors detect a leak coming from your Nashville home, they will immediately turn on their cameras. Not only will they notify you of a leak, but they will also give you an opportunity to see where the leak or flood is coming from. That way, you can figure out if you are dealing with a severe storm, a leaking pipe, or a ruptured appliance. This is especially helpful if your sensor alerts you of a leak and you’re not home. You can still respond to the flood as quickly as possible. You can notify the proper authorities to mitigate the damage throughout your home.

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While it would be great to have flood sensors throughout your home, your budget may restrict you from putting them in every possible room. At SafeStreets, we are one of the most experienced ADT providers in the industry. We have worked with homeowners from all neighborhoods around Nashville to help keep their homes and families safe. There are a number of factors that will dictate the price of your flood sensor installation, but we will always give you a quote based on the number of sensors needed. 
We will work with you to figure out where flood sensors should be placed. After this, we will let you know exactly how much the process will cost. That way, you can budget accordingly. We can also work with you to help create a package that fits your security needs and budget.  Rely on the compassionate team from SafeStreets to help you keep your family safe. 
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Water can do thousands of dollars in damages to your Nashville home in just a short time. That is why you need to respond quickly if there is a flood in your home. At SafeStreets, we are honored to be a top ADT provider. We can use this status to help you install flood sensors throughout your home. We will work with you personally to figure out where these flood sensors should go. That way, they can help notify you of the potential flood as quickly as possible. Contact us today to schedule your installation appointment.

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