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Why Fire Monitoring Matters More Than You Might Realize: Protecting Pets Left Home Alone

By August 19, 2015 April 6th, 2021 No Comments
Bear in tall grass in fall

When I am going to be gone from home for an extended period of time, I usually only think about whether or not our 100-pound dog will make it without a chance for a poddy break. Rarely do I think about what kind of danger he might be in when left home alone (beyond getting into the cat’s food, I mean, which can be quite dangerous for the dog when the tiny 4-pound tabby catches him in the act!).

However, I am being naïve. The chances of Bear needing a poddy break or getting into the cat’s food is probably significantly lower than the chance of a fire starting while I am not home. And without a home security system monitoring for heat and smoke, it could be the end of Bear because the fire department would be delayed in getting to the house to save him—or the house.

Fire monitoring means faster response times
Think about it: If no one is home, then the fire won’t be noticed until the neighbors see or smell something, and how long will that take? Plus you have the added time it will take for the neighbors to investigate before they call 911. They’ll want to make sure there’s a fire and not a BBQ gone awry before making that call, after all. That means that by the time the fire department gets to your home, a lot of time will have elapsed. Will there be any chance for your pets at that point?

The authorities can get there sooner, however, potentially in time to save Fido and Fluffy. With a home security system in place, your home is monitored whether you’re there or not, alerting both you and the fire department at the first indication of heat or smoke.

A different kind of peace of mind
People often associate home security systems with peace of mind, in part because burglars tend to bypass those houses they know are protected. In that way, you’re protecting your family and your property, both with the home security and with the fire monitoring. Protecting pets adds a whole new layer to that peace of mind.

This kind of monitoring checks for heat too. Although smoke detectors are commonplace today, heat can start to build before a fire breaks out and is apparent. So that’s one more early warning signal that can get the fire department to your house faster, to save your property and your pets.

Deadly house fires: more common than you think!
If you think the chances of a fire starting at your house are slim, statistics indicate otherwise. House fires are very common. And house fires are very deadly. According to the home security review website ASecureLife.com:

  • A home fire is reported about every 20 seconds–every 20 seconds!
  • House fires are the third leading cause of deaths that happen at home.
  • More people are killed by fires in the U.S. every year than by all natural disasters combined.

These statistics are only about people, not pets, but you can be sure the statistics for pets are probably the same or worse, since they are helpless to let themselves out to escape a house fire. A home security system can help. It can’t prevent a fire from starting, but the early detection and notifying of authorities can go a long ways toward saving your house, your things, your cats and your dogs.

As for me, I would miss the dog terribly. I adore that big guy with all my heart and often say, “Life without Bear is a bore.” The cat, on the other hand, is a whole different story, because she’s not just persnickety about her food…

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