Do I Need Indoor Security Cameras?

Indoor security camera

Many of our customers choose to install outdoor security cameras to keep a close eye on their property, day and night. And for good reason! Just the presence of security cameras alone are enough to make most would-be criminals look elsewhere.

But what many homeowners neglect to keep a watchful eye of is the inside of their homes. Installing indoor security cameras is a great way to check in on your home, kids or pets when you’re away. To learn more about our ADT-monitored indoor security cameras, reach out to SafeStreets today.

How Do Indoor Security Cameras Work?

Indoor security cameras from SafeStreets, an ADT Authorized Provider, can be strategically placed throughout your home to provide coverage of your entire home. Some of the best locations to install indoor security cameras include by stairs, in hallways and in common areas.

Our home security cameras use 720p HD video imaging that can capture clear images, even in low-light spaces. With Wi-FI capabilities, our indoor camera systems can send video footage of burglars in the event of an intrusion, which can be used by police to help identify the intruder.

You can watch live video right from your smartphone, and even speak to your kids or pets using a two-way audio feature. You can also set up your indoor security camera system to send alerts whenever motion is detected.

Who Can Benefit from Indoor Security Cameras?

Since any home can potentially be the target of a break-in, every homeowner can benefit from having home surveillance cameras installed for an extra layer of protection. Some of the most common reasons our customers choose to have indoor security cameras installed include:

Deterring Criminals

If a burglar or intruder does manage to break into your home while you’re away, the mere presence of indoor cameras is enough to help deter criminals and make them run for the hills. That’s because they know their every movement is being recorded. When you catch something, you can use the ADT Control app to let someone at ADT monitoring know to dispatch the police right away. 

Aiding the Police

Due to the high-quality images they produce, indoor security cameras are often very helpful in police investigations. Police can use the video recording to help identify a suspect, make an apprehension, and in some cases, return your stolen items.

Lowering Insurance Rates

Insurance companies love security cameras and will often lower insurance premiums for customers who have security cameras and home security systems installed in their home. Video recorded from indoor and outdoor cameras can also help validate your insurance claim.

Checking in On the Kids and Pets

Indoor security cameras also help provide parents with peace of mind by giving them the ability to check that their kids have returned home from school safely. With the ADT Control app, you can even say hi to your kids and tell them to do their homework. Many homeowners also enjoy checking in on their pets, especially if they’re home alone for long periods of time during the day.

Contact SafeStreets for Indoor Security Cameras

When it comes to helping protect your family, pets and home, it’s important to only work with a professional home security company that you can trust. At SafeStreets, we always put you, our customer, first and develop a home security package that is tailored for your individual needs. To learn more about installing security cameras or other home security system offerings, contact SafeStreets today.

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