Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation in Phoenix, AZ

SafeStreets specializes in ADT-monitored carbon monoxide detector installation to help make sure your home is always protected. Intuitive in nature, our carbon monoxide detectors provide instant notifications on every connected device when a leak occurs.


Customizable, battery-powered, and easy to use, carbon monoxide detectors are the best way to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. SafeStreets is ready to install and educate you on placement, use, and capabilities. Connected to 24/7 ADT monitoring, you can rest easy knowing we’re always keeping your best interests in mind.

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Features of Carbon Monoxide Detectors from SafeStreets

ADT-monitored carbon monoxide detectors from SafeStreets are some of the best on the market, with unique features that help make life easier. We take pride in offering:

  • Easy and Flexible Mounting. We understand that no two two homes are alike. That’s why we provide a variety of placement options to help ensure safety throughout your home. We help keep your design aesthetic intact by blending the equipment where you need it.  Whether ceiling or wall mounted, each option is professionally installed to help ensure that it’s working at its capabilities.
  • Electrochemical Sensors. Carbon monoxide is deadly and can go unnoticed. While you won’t smell leaks, our sensors can detect even the smallest levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Tamper Resistant. If the unit is removed from the base or battery levels are low, the control panel immediately sends an alert to notify you. With 24/7 ADT monitoring, you’ll receive an additional layer of protection that will dispatch the police if the sensors are triggered when the system is armed.

Our goal is to help keep you and your family safe every day. Our advanced features help offer peace of mind while you continue your normal activities.

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CO Detector Installation from Experienced Professionals

What’s so important about carbon monoxide detectors? Known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide doesn’t have a smell or odor, so you won’t know you’re being affected. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional install your equipment. SafeStreets performs safe, reliable installations year-round.

We take pride in our installation process, designed with you and your needs in mind. Our experts have years of training and experience, helping you to take control of your safety with confidence. They are ready and able to answer any questions, help and educate you on how the devices work, what to do if there is an issue, and who to contact if needed. Your safety is always a priority.

Contact SafeStreets today to choose the carbon monoxide detector that meets your needs, discuss placement options, and schedule your installation today.

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Why Choose SafeStreets?

SafeStreets has a stellar reputation for providing exceptional service. Operating in 44 states and the District of Columbia, our nearly 300 trained consultants believe in one thing – keeping you safe and doing the job right.
Our mission statement sums it up well: “We exist to enhance the quality of life of people everywhere through protecting what they value most.”


Each member of our team has a wealth of industry experience that supports our mission. In order to understand the market and what our customers need, we infuse hands-on experience and knowledge into the way we do business. Our role is more than making a sale – we’re here to help keep you protected in every way. Let us show you why we’re the best at what we do!

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Are you ready to take the next step in helping to protect your home and family? Our team is ready to help you create an effective plan with equipment you can count on. There’s nothing like peace of mind.

Contact your SafeStreets team in Phoenix, AZ to get started on your carbon monoxide detector installation today!

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