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Do Lighting Better, Safer, Cheaper With Home Automation

By August 25, 2016 April 6th, 2021 No Comments

We had the longest day of the year recently, and already I can tell it’s getting dark earlier in the evenings as September approaches…which makes me think about lighting.

When the days are long in the summer, it’s easy to forget about lighting. But fall will be here soon enough, and we’ll be flipping on the porch light by dinnertime.

Which means it’s a good time to think about lighting—and not just lighting, but how a home security and automation system can help you do lighting better, safer and cheaper…

Automated lighting no longer means a timer like when I was a kid. No, today’s home security system lets you automate your lighting, and even modify it remotely.

With the right home security system, you can schedule your lights to come on at a certain time of day, say perhaps while you’re still at work. These can be outside lights that you’ll want on for safety and security reasons and inside lights that you’ll want on to make it look like someone is home—which can deter burglars but also makes for a nice “welcome home” to you or your family at the end of the day.

Having outside lights turned off before you pull in the driveway also helps to keep you safe because you’ll see your way to the front door, not grope it, and avoid tripping over any obstacles in the dark!

If you leave the house while it’s still dark outside, you can leave the lights on—again to give the appearance that someone is home—then schedule them turn off later when the day is bright.

Scheduling your lights to go on and off can provide you with comfort and keep your house safer, but it can also save you money on your utility bill. Rather than leave lights on all day so the house is lit up when you get home, you really only have the lights on when you need them on. You’re also lowering your carbon footprint this way too!

When you do the scheduling, don’t think you have to have the same settings for every day of the week. You can have a different schedule for your days off, for example, when you’re home and you don’t need the lights automated or not on the same schedule.

Remote control of your lighting might be the best feature of all, however. If you’re away from home and you need to change something about your lighting schedule, you can. All you need is Internet access and your smart phone, tablet or computer, and you can change the schedule, or turn lights on and off. I’d say this cool feature is the better, safer, cheaper all wrapped up into one!

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