Flood Sensor Installation in Wichita, KS

You know that the weather can change on a dime in Wichita, KS, and you never know when a pipe may burst in your home. Because water damage can cause tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills in a matter of minutes, it is important to detect a leak as quickly as possible so you can act quickly to limit the damage. That means installing the best flood sensors available with the help of SafeStreets.

All of the flood sensors we install come with ADT monitoring, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that a professional team is keeping an eye on your flood sensors to alert you to the possibility of flooding inside your home.

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Flood Sensors

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How Do Flood Sensors Work?

Flood sensors are equipped with probes, which look for the presence of water. If water bumps the probes, the sensor goes off, and you are alerted to a potential leak.

Flood sensors from SafeStreets can also send push notifications to your smart device if water or flooding is detected by the probes. They are also equipped with cameras so you can see what is happening in real-time if they go off.

After we install flood sensors in your Wichita, KS home, one of our professional installers will explain exactly how they work.

Flood Sensor 3 - Life & Safety
Flood Sensor 3 - Life and Safety

Monitor Your Home Remotely

Installing flood sensors in the right locations around your home is extremely important to help ensure all leaks are detected as quickly as possible. This means you will likely need more than one, and our team will work with you to find the right locations to install your sensors. Some common locations include:

  • Your basement, particularly if there are a lot of pipes running through that area.
  • Directly beneath the roof to detect flooding during heavy rains.
  • In the kitchen, where there is often a lot of plumbing.
  • In any of your bathrooms.

Our sophisticated network of sensors is designed to send mobile alerts to your phone if any of them go off. That way, you can figure out exactly which of your flood sensors is going off, and you can respond accordingly.

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Help Protect Your Home and Family with SafeStreets

Some of the reasons why you should choose our flood sensors include:
  • Our sensors are a great way to help you to protect your family from harm. Standing water can accumulate quickly, and if there is a flood in your home, you need to make sure you are not trapped.
  • Flood sensors are also important because they can help you protect your belongings from harm. It doesn’t take much water to damage your electronic devices and your home’s furniture. The sooner you are notified of the presence of standing water, the faster you can respond accordingly.
  • Our flood sensors can also help you save money on potential repairs. If there is water flowing anywhere in your home, it can damage your walls, floors, and lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • If you can respond quickly, you can help to prevent this damage from spreading throughout your home.
For these reasons, consider hiring SafeStreets to install your flood sensors. We can help you install flood sensors in the right locations to help you protect your family and your property from harm or damage.

Schedule Flood Sensor Installation in Wichita, KS With SafeStreets

If you want to make sure your family is safe, we are here to help you. At SafeStreets, we are proud to offer some of the best flood sensors in the industry. We are also honored to be an ADT Authorized Provider. When you combine the expertise of our team with ADT monitoring, you can help make sure your property is guarded against the risk of a water leak that causes flooding. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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