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Years ago, there used to be ads all the time for this revolutionary home technology called “the clapper.” It was a plug that would connect between the wall and the outlet and it would operate your lights at the sound of you clapping. The problem with the clapper was it could only control one light at a time and it didn’t always work great. Today, we have smart lights that work much more reliably than “the clapper” and can respond to the sound of your voice.
SafeStreets is here to help you add home automation services with modern technology like smart lights in your Boston, MA home. Smart lights come in many shapes and sizes, and you may not be completely familiar with everything that smart lights have to offer. All of our technicians have a tremendous amount of experience setting up lighting systems, and we’ll be happy to help you as well. Learn more about smart lights below, and do not hesitate to reach out to SafeStreets with any questions or concerns.
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What Are Smart Switches?

When it comes to smart home technology, you have a few different options. Smart bulbs are light bulbs that can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and can be operated by your phone or virtual assistant. Smart bulbs can be screwed into most any lamp or light fixture depending on the shape.

But what if you want to control more than just lights? Smart plugs are plugs that are a connection between a plug and an outlet. For example, you can plug your coffee maker into the smart plug, and then plug the smart plug into the outlet. Smart plugs are also great for holiday lights or other exterior illumination that you want to control without going outside.

Smart switches are different. Let’s say you have recessed lights in your kitchen, and you want them to be smart. However, the smart light bulbs might not fit in the light sockets, and there is no plug they connect to. To install smart switches, the current switch for your kitchen lights will be replaced with a smart switch. You can still flip the switch to turn the lights on and off, but you also get all of the smart capabilities that smart bulbs offer. You can control the lights in your kitchen with your voice or from your phone, and you can dim the lights without installing a special dimmer switch.

Because you need to swap out your current switches with smart switches, you’ll need to mess with the wiring of your walls. It’s best to trust an experienced professional to install these switches for you in your home.

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The Benefits of Installing a Smart Home Lighting System

Improved Energy Efficiency

Smart lighting can make a big impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Turning on and off the lights has never been easier. Make sure all unoccupied rooms aren’t wasting energy, all from the convenience of your couch. With smart lights, you can also set schedules. You can have all the lights in your house turn off every night so you don’t waste energy lighting up an unused room.

Adjusting the Light for Mood and Sleep

With a smart home lighting system, you can also adjust the light for mood and sleep. If you want to turn down the lights because you are watching a movie or something on TV, you can do this using your smart home lighting system. If you don’t like the abrupt bright lights in the morning, you can also program your smart home lighting system to wake you up slowly.

Brightens Up Pathways

You can even use a smart home lighting system to brighten up your pathways. Smart lights are great for exterior and interior illumination. If you want to make it easier to see what you are doing outside, you can control your lights remotely. You don’t need to worry about fumbling around in the dark to find a switch, as you can control them from your phone.

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If you are new to smart lights, you might not know exactly how much they cost. That is okay! We understand that everyone is working on a slightly different budget, and we can help you find a smart home lighting system that is within your price range. We provide free quotes and estimates on everything before we get started. That way, you understand exactly how much everything will cost.
Furthermore, if you have specific features you are looking for, we can work with you to find lights that match those features at the best possible price. Keep in mind that if you install a smart home lighting system, you may also save money on your monthly utility expenses. This might make your smart home lighting system more affordable. Count on the team from SafeStreets to help you.

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If you’re ready to upgrade your home lighting system with cool home automation technology, then count on the team at SafeStreets for help. We’ve installed smart lighting systems in homes all over Boston, and we’re ready to help you, too! Call SafeStreets today to schedule an appointment to set up smart lighting in your home.

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