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Common Home Security Misconceptions

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Burglaries are one of the most worrisome crimes around. Most people worry that their homes might be broken into and their possessions stolen. These fears aren’t unfounded: in 2019, the FBI reported that there were 1,117,696 burglaries reported in America. Of these burglaries, about 55.7% involved forced entry into the home. 

That’s why so many people install home security systems—they’re a proven way to help prevent break-ins. Unfortunately, not all the information you’ve heard about burglaries and home security systems is true. We’re here to set the record straight about common home security misconceptions and to lay down home burglary facts that will help you prepare. 

9 Common Home Security Misconceptions

These 9 misconceptions are fairly common to hear, but they’re all untrue. We’ll give you the real facts about what happens with home break-ins. 

Burglaries happen at night

Have you ever heard a strange noise at night and wondered if it was a thief? Most people have because many think that burglaries happen when you’re asleep in bed. While some burglaries do happen at night, the majority of break-ins happen during the middle of the day. 3 pm is the most common time for a burglary. So don’t base your entire home security plan on an image of a burglar sneaking into homes dressed in all black. You’re far more likely to be robbed during the day when no one’s home. Interestingly enough, you’re also more likely to be robbed on a weekday and during June. 

I don’t have anything worth stealing

Maybe you’ve found yourself leaving and thinking, “It’s alright if I don’t lock the doors. Nobody wants to steal anything I have.” Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or renter, this thought is a misconception about burglaries. Burglars are interested inexpensive items like plasma TVs and jewels, but that’s not what most burglars are expecting to find. The most commonly targeted items are guns and prescription pills since they are easy to move yet go for a high price. Burglars will also take any kind of electronic, and most people these days own something—whether it’s a laptop or cellphone. Burglars will also even target personal documents. So whatever you might’ve thought, you do have something worth stealing and worth protecting. 

My dog will protect us 

You might have gotten a dog to act as a guard dog, or you might just assume your dog is intimidating and will scare all thieves away. But that’s not always true. Some burglars are deterred by an intimidating-looking dog but not most. And since most burglaries happen during the day, a barking dog also won’t alert most neighbors that something is wrong. A barking dog in the day is a normal neighborhood sound for most people. Dogs also aren’t always reliable deterrents. Many dogs are also easily distracted by a treat or some attention—something burglars are well aware of and come prepared for. If your dog does happen to attack the burglar, it increases the likelihood that the burglar may harm your dog. Your dog deserves the same protection as other members of your family. 

Burglars are professionals

Like with the image of a thief in black, most people think that the burglars who might break into their homes are professionals and prepared to disable alarms and strike quickly and cleanly. While burglars in the movies might have blueprints and gadgets, real burglars are usually amateurs with very few resources to aid their break-in. About 85% of burglars are amateurs, and they’re usually desperate and disorganized. You might find this fact reassuring, but it’s not. Desperate burglars are more erratic and more likely to be dangerous. They might react violently if surprised. But amateur and desperate burglars are also unprepared to deal with home security systems, and that’s often enough to keep these burglars away from your home. 

Cities are more dangerous for burglaries

You might think that a picturesque country home is significantly less likely to be robbed than an apartment in the city. But the idea that rural areas are safer than cities is another security misconception. Burglaries, violent crime, and burglary injuries are all more common in rural areas than in big cities. When you think about it, this fact does make sense. A country home is often far away from neighbors, and thieves can break in with reduced chances that anyone will see or hear. And if you are home during the break-in, you’re less likely to be able to call aid close if something happened. In a city, there are people everywhere. It’s much harder to break into a city apartment without the next-door neighbor, upstairs neighbor, and downstairs neighbor hearing.  

Burglars ignore home security signs & systems

Some people say that putting a security sign in your yard isn’t going to scare a burglar away. That’s false. About 83% of burglars check for a home security system before attempting to break in, and most of those burglars will choose a different target if they find signs of a system. This is because most burglars are amateurs with few resources to counteract a security system. Instead, most burglars will try to avoid security systems. So putting up a sign that you have home security can deter burglars. In addition, burglars try to spend only about a minute breaking into a home, so anything that makes it more difficult to break in (like a security system) can deter burglars. 

Home security systems are too expensive

Since home security systems are proven to deter burglars, many people are buying them. But maybe you’ve heard or thought that a security system is too expensive for you. Most of the time, that’s not the case. You can usually get a security system that fits your budget and only costs a little each month. And there are many options for home security that can deter a thief. Video doorbells, sensorssmart locks, security cameras, and more can all help at a lower cost. You can always find something in your budget to help your home security. 

Home security isn’t an option for renters

Maybe you want home security, but you’re worried that you can’t because you’re renting and can’t install something permanent. This is, again, untrue. Indeed, you can’t install something permanent, but that’s not the only home security option available. You can install a wireless system that’s easy to install and then pack up the next day to move. Smaller security systems like cameras are also an easy way for renters to protect themselves and their property. You might think you don’t need home security if you’re renting, but renters are more likely to be robbed than homeowners, so you should be finding some way to protect your property. 

High tech security systems are easily hacked

Some people worry that installing something high-tech in their home is just opening the door for more security concerns. While most burglars aren’t able to hack a security system, you might worry that someone else with malicious intent and high-tech hacking skills could get in. There have even been cases of this happening. But the key in this misconception is what kind of security system is being hacked. These reports come from DIY home security systems. The right system is protected against hacking attempts like these, so you won’t have to worry about adding a new security concern. 

Home Security Facts

Now that we’ve covered the most common security misconceptions, these are some home safety facts to consider: 

  • A burglary happens every 30 seconds. It could happen to you, and now is the time to prepare to protect yourself and your home. It’s much easier to protect your home before a break-in than during one. 
  • The average loss from a burglary is $2,661. It’s not cheap to have a home break-in, and it’s not safe. You need to protect your family and home to avoid losing over $2,000 from a single break-in. 
  • Break-ins are more likely to happen to houses that have been robbed before. So if you wait until after you’ve been robbed, burglars are already paying attention to your home. Start now by preparing your home security plan. 
  • Home security is affordable. Here at SafeStreets, we provide a variety of plans that meet different needs and budgets. We also provide additional security equipment that can meet your needs without the high price tag. Get your free quote today to see just how affordable home security is for your home. 

Home security is easy to use. Our ADT-monitored home security systems are designed to be used by regular people. No tech degree required. The systems are easy to set up and activate. You won’t have to worry about a break-in happening because you couldn’t figure out how to activate your system.

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