Why Do SafeStreets’ Systems Say ADT?

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Ever wondered why SafeStreets’ systems say ADT on them? That’s because SafeStreets is ADT’s oldest, largest, and most experienced authorized provider in the United States. This just means you get the best of both worlds. The home security system everyone knows and trusts with 24/7 monitoring combined with our world-class, five-star customer service. 

Let’s take a look at the answers to our five most commonly asked questions about our partnership with ADT.

Who Is ADT?

ADT is the leading North American home security, safety, and automation provider. With over 140 years of experience and more than 18,000 professional experts protecting homes 24/7, customers can be sure they’re getting the latest in security technology with the most comprehensive protection. Over 140 years in business, ADT professionals have never missed an alarm!

What Does ADT Authorized Provider Mean?

Since our beginning, SafeStreets has been working as an ADT Authorized Provider selling and installing ADT-monitored home security, safety, and automation systems. We were selected as ADT’s only authorized provider because of our track record of being the nationwide leading dealer in today’s competitive home security landscape. 

What Makes SafeStreets Different?

ADT’s highly trusted technology combined with our five-star customer service gives everyone a win-win. From our helpful and friendly sales team to our knowledgeable and fast Smart Security Pro installers, from start to finish we want your experience to be five stars. Forget about waiting for your technicians to show up in a four-hour window, worrying that your system is running properly because you don’t know how to work it, or cleaning up after installers who tracked mud through your house. Our Smart Security Pros arrive within a precise, one-hour window for convenient maintenance or installation. They don’t just stop at the installation. Our pros spend time fully demonstrating your system so you can be confident in your protection. And lastly, They also take a number of precautions to leave your house cleaner than they found it. Read more about our Smart Security Pros here, and our five-star process here. You can also learn more about what makes us different from our past customer reviews on our Trustpilot.

Who Can Get A SafeStreets ADT-Monitored Home Security System?

SafeStreets has over 400 employees nationwide equipped to sell and install a customized ADT-monitored system for your home. Operating in 44 states and the District of Columbia, we serve over 90% of the entire U.S. population. Check out our locations page to find a SafeStreets Security Pro near you. 

Who Do You Call With Questions?

Our SafeStreets experts are here to answer any and all of your questions through our customer service number. You can call 855-842-1911 anytime to get your questions answered about plans, packages, pricing, systems, and more. Have questions before an installation? Write them down for our Smart Security Pros! Our pros are experts in all things home security, making them the best resource for any questions that come to mind about your system.

Help Protect What Matters Most With SafeStreets

Your home and family deserve the best. Get the best in the home security industry when it comes to technology and customer service with SafeStreets. Whether you’re looking for a high-grade security monitoring system, home automation, security cameras, or more, SafeStreets has it all. Not only will your home and family stay safe from life-threatening situations, but our 24/7 ADT monitoring will keep an eye on your home even when you’re not there. Call or fill out our quick form today to get a free quote.

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