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Resolve to Be Better About Safety and Security in 2015

By January 6, 2015 April 6th, 2021 No Comments

Safety and security: Those are two things every human wants and even craves, yet do we do all within our power to ensure the safety and security of ourselves and our families? Probably not.

So maybe as this New Year kicks off, we should consider some habits we could develop this year to increase the safety and the security of our families and our homes.

In the online world
When you think about it, we have ample opportunity to do more to protect ourselves just in the online world alone:

  • If you’re using online dating, are you doing so in a safe way? See these tips from U.S. News to make sure you are.
  • Online shopping is another area of concern, especially with all of the data breaches that happened to major retailers in 2014. StaySafeOnline.org, a website powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance, offers tips for safer online shopping, many of which you might not have considered.
  • Then there are the passwords you use online, in both your professional and personal lives, and the PINs you use too. See our tips for safer passwords and PINs to protect yourself and your information.
  • Finally, please practice safe social media usage and teach your kids to do the same! We continue to be surprised at the personal information that is shared in such a public way. If you form no other safer habits in 2015, resolve to be smarter and safer when using social networks.

In the offline world
And, of course, we have plenty of ways to make ourselves safer in the offline world too:

  • If you haven’t yet invested in a home security system, make 2015 the year you do, to keep your family, your home and your possessions safe. Simply having a well-advertised home security system will dramatically decrease the chance of a burglar being interested in your house.
  • Make sure your car is stocked with emergency supplies. This was our big theme at our house this past Christmas. My dear mother bought both of my kids car safety kits, and promised me she would buy one for her own car too. I supplemented those kits with things not included, like flares and handwarmers, and stocked my own car. (My military husband already had a trunk full of emergency preparedness, so we didn’t have to worry about him!)

May 2015 be a year of prosperity for you and your family, and one of safety and security too!

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