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Help Keep Your Family Safe with Home Security Systems

Home security systems help provide a wide range of benefits for you as a property owner. Your goal may be to help protect your family from theft, break-ins, and other crimes. To do that, you have to have access to core safety products that can help you. 

Door and window glass sensors are one of the most helpful tools for helping keep you safe. You can place these throughout your home, including on the backdoor, windows, as well as front and side doors to help you know when someone is opening one of these entrances to your home. 

Glass break sensors are also valuable as they provide a way to help alert should you to someone trying to break into your home by breaking the glass on a door or window. If the sensors hear the sound of glass breaking within a 25-foot radius, you will receive an alert, which will help give you the chance to respond appropriately and quickly.

Years ago you lent the neighbor your housekeys so they could look in on your house while you were away. Did they ever get them back? Who has a copy of your keys now? With smart door locks, keys are a thing of the past. You can assign anyone you want to have a combination code to open your front door. This creates a log to help let you know who is coming and going from your house. You can even unlock your door with the ADT Control App.

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Security Cameras in Deltona, Florida

One of the best ways to add an extra level of protection and convenience to your home is through high-quality cameras. Security cameras may connect directly to your smartphone, sending you alerts when someone approaches your home or comes within the viewing area of your home. There are a few different types that may provide ample protection for you.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbell cameras help you interact with whoever rings your doorbell without leaving your bed, couch, or office. You can answer the door from virtually anywhere. You can see if there is a delivery driver there or a solicitor you’d like to ignore. Video doorbells help provide a visual of the front of your lawn, so you can monitor kids playing in your front yard or when the garbage truck picked up your trash. Additionally, they offer two-way communication, allowing you to converse with the person on the other side of your door. You can leave them instructions, or tell them to come back another time. 

Indoor Security Cameras

Positioning indoor security cameras throughout the inside of the home provide a valuable way to help keep your home safe. They can help you capture the face of someone breaking in, check in on the people who come into your home, such as babysitters, the kids after school, senior care support help, and others. 

Outdoor Security Cameras

Using outdoor security cameras helps you to monitor what’s happening around your home in key areas, like your driveway and backyard. These security cameras may even light up the area when someone steps into their path, discouraging them from coming toward your home. 

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Fire & Smoke Monitor 2 - Life and Safety

Fire & Life Safety Products from SafeStreets

The use of fire and safety products may be essential to homeowners, as they help keep your family safe from risks within the home. Sometimes you do not know these risks are present, but they put your loved ones at risk. 

Consider, for a moment, the risk of carbon monoxide. This odorless gas isn’t something you’ll be able to detect on your own, and you need a quality monitor to be altered to its presence. Flood and fire sensors might sound an alarm, but what good will that do if no one is home? With ADT monitoring, if any of these sensors go off, you’ll be notified right away. Someone at an ADT monitoring center can let you know of the situation and dispatch local authorities to help. This quick response time can help limit the damage to your home or prevent total loss. SafeStreets offer a variety of fire and life safety products that come with ADT monitoring to help you gain additional peace of mind.

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Home Automation Products in Deltona, Florida

Home automation is a valuable investment. It allows you to gain more control over your home from your smartphone. SafeStreets offers a variety of tools that can make your home much more convenient. 

One of those devices is a smart thermostat. While most homes already have a thermostat, a smart one is programmable and customizable. That may mean that you can adjust the heating and cooling while you are on your way home, so your home is comfortable when you get there. 

Smart plugs are another valuable tool because they allow you to turn appliances and other items plugged into them on or off, from virtually anywhere. You can also use the ADT Control App to set your smart plugs and smart lights to timers, so your house is all lit up before you come home. This can help create the illusion that your house is full of people. 

SafeStreets’ products help give you the highest level of control to make better decisions about your home’s energy use and safety. You can find a wide range of home automation tools from us, including:

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Help Protect What Is Most Important to You

SafeStreets offers security products designed for today’s modern home. You can count on us to help you choose the right products for your space based on the risks you want to protect against within your budget. Whether safeguarding the interior of your home or the threats from outside, these products are more accessible than ever.

More so, you can have the experienced professionals at SafeStreets install them for you. That way, you know the installation will be done professionally, and the results will be just what you need to help you feel safe. We’ll make sure you understand how to control your new home security system by the end of our appointment. To start upgrading your home, call SafeStreets today.

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