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New Orleans locals, if you’re seeking to help protect your house with a reliable security system, SafeStreets is here for you! At SafeStreets, the well-being of our customers remains paramount. It would be an honor to serve and secure your home too. For those in New Orleans who wish to help guarantee the safety of their family and property – we are confident that SafeStreets can help satisfy all of your needs! Come experience how we prioritize customer satisfaction first-hand today!

Explore our wide range of home security cameras, state-of-the-art security systems, fire & life safety products, and resourceful home automation systems. After you’ve made your selection, contact our team to arrange an installation appointment for you.

Help Protect Your Loved Ones with the Ultimate Home Security Systems

Outfitting your home with top-notch security products helps protect you and your family from unwanted intruders. Door and window sensors can detect any movement around openings on the property, alerting you should someone try to enter your domicile. With peace of mind knowing that the safety of those close to you comes first, installing such formidable technology is a must!

Help keep your home safe and secure with our top-of-the-line smart door locks. You’ll have full control over the doors, whether it’s from a distance or manually using a keypad. But there’s more! Our glass break sensors are capable of detecting breaking windows up to 25 feet away; so in case an alarm goes off, you will be notified allowing for timely contact with local authorities.

Customer Testimonials

What Everyone is Saying About SafeStreets

Was very informative, courteous, friendly, organized and cleaned up after himself. He answered all questions and showed me how to use the alarm pad and app.

Marilyn Huff

The technician was very professional. Friendly, discreet, and thorough. Made sure everything worked properly and was explained clearly, and he cleaned up after himself. 10/10 would recommend!

Austin Breault

5 star service we made the right choice!!

Ernest Garcia

The technician was fantastic. Smart, knowledgeable, polite and efficient. Thank you!

Julia T.

Tech was great at explaining everything and very patient with us. Can’t be any happier with this great system.

Byron Luers

Security Cameras Help Protect Your New Orleans, LA Home

Feel better protected in your home with SafeStreets’ cutting-edge video doorbell cameras! Deter unwanted guests simply by easily monitoring who is outside without having to open the entrance. In addition, their two-way communication feature allows you to converse directly through the camera while staying reassuringly safe inside!

Our home security cameras provide extensive surveillance of your family and pets when you’re gone. But, if that’s not enough coverage for your outdoor space too, we offer outdoor solutions as well! Utilizing our advanced service will help ensure every corner of your premises is protected – plus it works seamlessly with our home security system to alert you instantly to any dubious activity on the exterior.

Help Safeguard Your Family with Advanced Fire & Life Safety Systems

As an ADT Authorized Provider, we offer 24/7 ADT monitoring for added protection and peace of mind. Flood sensors will provide instant alerts if there is water present in your home, so you can take action quickly without having to constantly check up on the property yourself. We’ll be happy to help decide on the best location for these devices and install them professionally too!

Installing a carbon monoxide detector in each of your home’s rooms is essential. This dangerous and odorless gas can be lethal, so it’s important that you remain aware of signs of leakage. Our specialized detectors can notify you almost instantly if there are issues, helping to prevent tragedy from occurring!

To help ensure the safety of your family and protect them from potentially devastating fires, our company provides reliable smoke detectors. We work with you to select ideal locations for placement and provide complete installation services that guarantee they are in working order before we leave your residence.

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Home Automation Systems for New Orleans Residents

Home automation helps increase the comfort and convenience of your home. For example, if you want to brew a cup of coffee in the morning without even getting out of bed, you might be interested in a smart plug that allows you to turn on your coffee maker remotely. By installing a smart plug between the appliance and the wall, you can control the flow of power through the plug. Essentially, you can turn any appliance into a smart appliance.

Don’t stress about forgetting to switch off the lights before leaving for work with our ADT Control. You can conveniently control all lighting from virtually any location! On top of that, we provide smart thermostats so you can monitor energy use and adjust HVAC patterns while away with ease. Not only will this help save time but also money on electricity bills!

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