Xfinity Home Security vs. ADT Authorized Provider-SafeStreets: Who’s Best?

When it comes to choosing a home security provider, you’re probably wondering who’s best. One of the most popular answers is ADT. After all, ADT has been providing home security since before there was electricity. There’s no one in the business who knows as much about security as ADT. On the other hand, you are probably familiar with Xfinity as an internet and cable provider, but you might know that they also offer home security. In this blog, we’ll compare SafeStreets ADT-monitored products and services with Xfinity home security, so you can make the most informed decision when it comes to security and protecting your home and loved ones. 

Xfinity vs. ADT Authorized Provider-SafeStreets Overview

ADT has a century and a half of experience providing home security that’s available absolutely anywhere. Here at SafeStreets, we believe nothing about security should be left to chance, so that’s why we offer only the best with ADT-monitored security. 

While looking for home security, you may have come across Xfinity home security. Xfinity is an old cable company that’s well known for its internet and cable services, but it has only been in the security business for about ten years. When compared with ADT’s 145+ years of experience, Xfinity is definitely the new kid on the block. 

While Xfinity has accomplished good things during its short time, here’s a quick snapshot of why ADT-monitored security from SafeStreets will ultimately win out in the end: 

ADT Authorized Provider-SafeStreets Xfinity
Free* starting equipment

*with a $99 installation charge and new monitoring agreement. Early termination fee applies.

✔  ✔ 
ADT 6-Month, Money-Back Guarantee*

*restrictions apply

6 months
ADT Theft Protection Guarantee**

**restrictions apply

Up to $500

Company-owned monitoring centers

9 company-owned monitoring Centers


Contract length 24–36 months 24–36 months
Years of experience 145+ 9


What Are the Similarities Between Xfinity and ADT Authorized Provider-SafeStreets?

Both SafeStreets and Xfinity have some similarities in technology and services provided to customers. Here are some of the most important similarities to keep in mind when comparing SafeStreets and Xfinity: 


Both SafeStreets and Xfinity are professionally installed home security systems. In home security, some companies install the equipment for you, and some have you install the devices yourself. Both of these approaches can have benefits. SafeStreets and Xfinity are both professionally installed systems, so as a customer, you wouldn’t have to worry about setting anything up. They’ll both take care of it. 

Product Offerings

The security devices with an ADT-monitored system from SafeStreets and those you get with Xfinity are surprisingly similar. Each company offers a command panel, a variety of cameras, glass and window sensors, motion sensors, and more. One difference in product offerings is that Xfinity doesn’t offer any kind of integrated smart doorbell to add an extra layer of security for your home. We at SafeStreets do provide a smart doorbell that can help you monitor your doorway even more. ADT-monitored motion sensors are also pet-friendly. So while the products are similar, ADT-monitored products provide a slight edge on Xfinity’s equipment. 


When it comes to home security, it’s typical to have a set contract with a monthly cost and varying length of time. Both Xfinity and SafeStreets offer contracts of similar lengths. SafeStreets and Xfinity contracts usually are for about 2 or 3 years. But since our equipment is ADT-monitored, customers get a six-month money-back guarantee* that Xfinity doesn’t that can help you decide if your contract is the right fit without having to break the bank. 

*Restrictions apply


Pricing for both Xfinity and SafeStreets is done very similarly. Both companies will have you sign a contract for a certain time period, and then you pay a monthly fee for security monitoring. With both of these providers, your monthly fee will start as low as $28 a month but usually closer to the $30-something dollars per month. Both companies also charge a $99 payment for equipment upfront that allows you to avoid costly installation fees.  

What Are the Differences Between Xfinity and ADT Authorized Provider-SafeStreets?

While there are a lot of similarities between these two companies, there are some key differences. These differences help show why ADT-monitored systems are the more secure and reliable option for your home security needs. 


ADT-monitored security is available coast to coast and everywhere in between. But Xfinity requires broadband access. You don’t have to use Xfinity or Comcast internet to use the home security services, but you do have to live in a broadband area to have access to the security services. 

Third-Party Integrations

One of the best parts of smart home technology is to integrate more cool tech into your home system. Xfinity does provide a small number of third-party integrations with Nest, Philips, August & Kwikset. But SafeStreets provides many more integration options with some of the popular being SONOS, Samsung devices, and more to provide you with the most control. 

Monitoring Options

While both companies provide 24/7 monitoring, SafeStreets provides more options through ADT. Xfinity offers monitoring only through high-speed internet while ADT offers 4–5 different monitoring options to help meet your needs. You can use a landline and cellular monitoring instead of only high-speed internet. ADT provides the highest-end monitoring and more flexibility with it. When it comes down to choosing the monitoring for your home, ADT provides more. 

Customer Service

Good customer service is important for a home security provider. Xfinity home security goes through Xfinity internet and Comcast, which is known for poor customer service. In fact, Xfinity has a customer service rating of 1.5/5. If you ever needed anything from your security provider, you could be on the phone for hours or never get a response. Luckily SafeStreets provides top-notch customer service. We provide customer service that’s rated at a 4.9/5, a score that’s hard to beat. 

Xfinity Security vs. ADT Authorized Provider-SafeStreets Costs

Cost is one of the most important parts of choosing a home security provider. While pricing is fairly similar for both companies, you’ll want to consider another important factor when it comes to costs: cost vs. value. You’ve probably heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” You’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best quality service for what you pay. 

Both companies start their monthly prices at about $28 a month. SafeStreets provides custom plans and packages to help you find the right cost and the right value. But Xfinity prices go up the second year you use their services to over $30 a month. With ADT-monitoring security from SafeStreets, your monthly payments won’t increase. Also, Xfinity says it charges about $28 a month, but that price only applies to people who use its internet service as well. Without the internet package, your starting price could be $40 or more. 

How to Choose a System for You

So Xfinity or ADT Authorized Provider-SafeStreets? Xfinity Home vs. ADT-Monitored Security? How to choose a home security system? When it comes to home security, SafeStreets wins out as the better option over Xfinity. SafeStreets is ADT’s oldest, largest, and most experienced Authorized Provider, and we can help you get the system that’s fit for your home, family, and life. Our home security packages provide all the benefits of ADT monitoring—including flexible 24/7 monitoring options and high-quality customer service. We can help you if you want a traditional home security system or smart home setup. We’ve got you covered, whatever you need. 

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