Welcoming New Neighbors In 11 Ways

Offering a warm welcome can make your neighbor feel more comfortable and connected with the community. 

It’s not only a good gesture to welcome new neighbors to the neighborhood, but it’s also a great method to make them feel at ease. Developing connections with new neighbors has various advantages, one of which is that you’ll be able to keep an eye on each other’s homes’ security. Letting your neighbors know that you’re there to help if they need you will make for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Check out these 11 friendly gestures to help alleviate your new neighbor’s anxiety about moving into a new neighborhood.

How To Welcome New Neighbors

1. Introduce yourself

Allow a few days to pass before introducing yourself. New neighbors are likely to have a lot on their plate when they move in. 

Consider introducing yourself from a distance. A simple wave and “hello” from across the street can make them feel welcome as well.

If you happen to run into your neighbors when they’re moving in, feel free to introduce yourself, but keep it quick and sensitive to their circumstances. Simply say hi, introduce yourself, and add, “I’ll stop by when you’re not busy.”

2. Leave a note

Moving to a new neighborhood surrounded by new faces can be a little uneasy. Welcoming new neighbors by leaving a simple note may help them feel more comfortable. 

Consider saying something like, “Welcome to the neighborhood! We live down the street, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything.”

3. Bring other neighbors with you

Welcoming neighbors with other members of the community can help alleviate any sense of awkwardness so the new neighbor can feel more comfortable and a part of the community. Knowing multiple familiar faces in a new environment can help them feel more at ease.

4. Offer help moving in

Help your new neighbor unload some boxes. Providing your new neighbor with friendly service is a great way to alleviate their stress and also a great way to get to know each other. 

5. Connect via social media

This is a great way to become acquainted without the pressure of face-to-face interactions. They can also become familiar with the community at their leisure. This is also an outlet for you to connect them with social groups or organizations in your area.

6. Create a family activity kit

Moving is already stressful as it is. For families with children, moving is even harder. Consider taking the stress off by welcoming neighbors with a family activity kit. You’ll want to consider the children’s ages, but you can include:

  • Board games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Toys and books
  • And more!

7. Bring a treat over (but be aware of allergies)

This is a classic way to brighten anyone’s day as well as welcome neighbors into the community. Taking a welcome treat over can provide a good first impression. However, it’s important to be aware and cautious of any allergies your new neighbors may have. 

8. Share relevant neighborhood information 

People want to feel safe and secure wherever they live. Take this opportunity to share neighborhood watch information. Consider taking the neighborhood watch group to introduce themselves as well. 

9. Host a block party

This is a great way to introduce and welcome neighbors to one another in a comfortable environment. Families can get to know each other and can instill a sense of community.

10. Be courteous and respect their privacy

 This may be a stressful time for your new neighbors, and providing them with space and time to get settled may be a great way of welcoming neighbors.

11. Refer them to SafeStreets

Already have great peace of mind with an ADT-monitored home security system from SafeStreets? Refer your new neighbor! You’ll both win. They’ll have peace of mind knowing their home is being protected, and you’ll get some extra money in your pocket!

Advantages To Welcoming Neighbors

Moving to a new city and neighborhood can be intimidating. It is much easier to adjust when you welcome new people with warm smiles and a welcoming attitude. As you foster the neighbor-to-neighbor relationship, you’ll see that welcoming new neighbors has its advantages. You’ll be able to watch out for the security of each other’s homes, contributing to an overall safer community. 

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