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Searching for Home Security? Find Reviews and Recommendations at Consumer Affairs Website

By March 30, 2016 April 6th, 2021 No Comments

Safe Streets USA is only one of many home security and home automation providers you could turn to. So how are you as the consumer supposed to know which provider to choose to ensure you get the best service and price? By using a resource such as the Consumer Affairs website. There you’ll find reviews of companies—reviews submitted by consumers just like you, with the same concerns, priorities and questions.

Using Consumer Affairs for quality control
To get these reviews, Consumer Affairs calls our customers and asks them to review their experience with us as a home security or home automation provider. They then share the reviews with us in addition to posting them online. When we receive those reviews, we check over them and make sure that everyone is happy and is not in need of anything. If a customer is having issues, we contact them right away and then do everything we can to resolve any problems. (If you’re already a Safe Streets USA customer, you can also submit a review online at https://www.safestreets.com/about-us/customer-review/. We review and respond to those reviews right away too!)

We currently have a very high rating (nearly 5 stars overall!) and maintaining that reputation among our customers is a very high priority for us, so we really appreciate the service the Consumer Affairs website provides for us and for our customers both.

Consumer Affairs gives us the opportunity to better connect with our customers and see how we are doing. We do this in-house as much as we can, but Consumer Affairs is an excellent resource for us to boost our capabilities even more.

Helping customers find us
With the size of our company, it can also be difficult for us to stand out against the bigger home security companies that have much more money to spend on advertising and marketing. The Consumer Affairs website gathers all of our customers’ opinions about us in one central place and that helps us shine as a company—despite our smaller marketing budget. And customer reviews are much better than advertising, because you’re much more likely to believe what someone else says about us vs. what we say about us, right?

We must be doing something right and our customers appreciate it: We are currently #3 in our category and climbing!

Keeping reviews up-to-date, consumers up-to-speed
The Consumer Affairs website also does a good job at making sure these reviews are as up-to-date as possible. We want to make sure that we are always helpful and assisting those who are searching for peace of mind. The Consumer Affairs website helps us do just that—and they can help you make informed decisions as well. And you can use the Consumer Affairs website to search for all kinds of home services providers, not only home security and automation, to see how they stack up among reviewers.

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