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Help Keep Your Family Safe With Home Security Systems

The first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home and property are home security products that are made to last. SafeStreets offers high-quality products to help protect your Lynn, MA, home. Our glass and window sensors can help inform you of changes to the status of your door and windows and inform you of possible break-ins.

Our glass break sensors can detect the sound of glass breaking within a 25-foot radius, which helps them provide coverage to rooms with many windows and doors like entryways and sunrooms. Their loud chime can help scare off intruders and notify a 24/7 ADT monitoring center to dispatch help if needed.

Smart door locks add a layer of safety, security, and convenience by protecting you against lock-picking and allowing you to open your door from anywhere you are from the ADT Control App. You no longer need to carry your keys anymore. You can easily gain access to your house by hitting a button on your phone or using a combination code. 

These home security products are backed by ADT monitoring, so you get the very best in home security industry standards.

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Security Cameras From SafeStreets

Surveillance and security cameras can help protect your home against burglars, who might think twice about robbing or breaking into your home at the site of a camera. Video doorbell cameras can even help provide protection to your front porch by allowing you to talk directly to whoever presses your doorbell. 

Our indoor cameras are sleek, provide live footage, and can be placed almost anywhere in the home to help provide you with a view of high-traffic areas in your home. Meanwhile, outdoor cameras that are weather-resistant and have 360-degree view technology offer even more protection throughout your home.

You can monitor any of the feeds of these cameras from the ADT Control App. This helps you keep an eye on your pets, kids, or any contractors you have working on your home while you’re away. Talk to us about some of the home security cameras we offer. 

What Fire & Life Safety Products Does SafeStreets Offer?

SafeStreets is proud to offer fire and life safety products to protect your home from hidden dangers you might not have considered. These include:

Flood Sensors

Our flood sensors are small and easily installable. They can fit underneath washers, water heaters, sinks, and other areas to keep you informed of potential floods and alert you before water damage becomes irreparable.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Our carbon monoxide detectors help to provide the very best protection against this colorless and odorless gas. ADT monitoring can help inform medical authorities in case you are incapacitated and unable to call for help.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are also helpful in informing you of potential fire hazards. Our smoke detectors monitored by ADT can be placed on every floor of your home to help you be alerted to any fire danger regardless of your location in the home. 

Home Automation Products in Lynn, MA

Home automation products are a game changer for people that want to add convenience and luxury to their homes. SafeStreets offers home automation systems to help improve your home and quality of life, save on energy costs, and stay comfortable by using:

  • Smart Plugs: Can help you power on or off small appliances no matter whether or not you’re home through the push of a button on your phone. 
  • Smart Lights: You can control the appearance you’re at home while away or turn off the lights you left on downstairs from the comfort of your bed. 
  • Smart Thermostats: These devices help keep family members safe by allowing you to adjust the temperature from virtually anywhere. Forget to turn down the heat before you went on vacation? With a smart thermostat, it’s never been easier to adjust the temperature in your home.
SafeStreets is Proud to Be an ADT Authorized Provider

Using the latest in home security and automation technology combined with 24/7 ADT monitoring is one of the best ways you can help protect your home. We are proud to be one of the nation's largest and oldest ADT Authorized Providers. Talk to SafeStreets today to discuss your home security needs, and we can build a custom plan that fits your budget. Call us today to request a free quote and for more about how we can protect your Lynn, MA, home!

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