Smart Thermostat Installation in St. Louis, MO

Looking to upgrade your home thermostat? SafeStreets can help by installing a smart thermostat. Switching to a smart thermostat helps make your home’s temperature much simpler to control, with features and capabilities that are designed to make your life easier. Professionals from SafeStreets work fast, sometimes even offering same-day installation.

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Smart Thermostats

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What’s the Difference Between Smart Thermostats and Programmable Thermostats?

While both smart thermostats and their programmable predecessors allow you to preset temperatures throughout your home, smart thermostats from SafeStreets can also do so much more.

Using your mobile app, you can set and control temperatures remotely. Heading away on vacation? Adjust your temperature while you’re away, and then remotely turn it back up before you get home so you can walk into a cozy house. Plus, you can set up a notification to let you know if the temperature gets too hot or too cold while you’re gone. The ability to change thermostat settings through your app can help save you money without sacrificing your comfort.

Even more exciting? The more you use it, the more your smart thermostat can learn your daily habits and adjust temperatures according to your schedule. Do you routinely make your daily coffee at 6:00 a.m.? Your thermostat can adjust for that. Is your house empty during the weekdays? Your thermostat can adjust for that, too. Whatever your needs, a smart thermostat can help streamline your day.

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The Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Equipped with intuitive and helpful features, your smart thermostat will help revolutionize the way you control your home’s temperature. Here are a few ways how:

Control Your HVAC System from Anywhere

In our user-friendly mobile app, you can control your HVAC system with the touch of a button, whether you’re down the street, or across the country.

Easy Scheduling

Set heating and cooling schedules that meet your household’s needs. Arrange the dates and times you’d like the temperature to change, and never worry about being too cold or too hot again.

Track Energy Usage

Say goodbye to the days of wondering what your energy bill will look like at the end of the month. With your smart thermostat, you can track your energy usage and estimate heating and cooling costs.

Save Money on Power Bills

Smart thermostats allow you to adjust the cooling and heating in your home depending on your schedule. This can help provide significant savings when it comes to power bills.

Smart Learning Technology

As you use your smart thermostat, it will begin to learn your schedule. Over time, it can intuitively make adjustments to cater to your daily individual needs.


Through your mobile app, you can set up alerts to let you know if your home gets too hot or too cold, giving you peace of mind that, even when you’re away, your home is in good hands.

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SafeStreets Is Proud to Provide Smart Thermostat Installation Services

As an ADT Authorized Provider, SafeStreets operates in 44 states. Put simply, when it comes to home automation, if you want it, we’ve done it. Our trained professionals will expertly install your smart thermostat and help you seamlessly integrate it into your home ecosystem. Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with unrivaled customer service, means we rise above our competition and provide a streamlined, stress-free purchasing and installation process that can’t be beaten.
Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t rest until you’re happy with your home automation products. That’s why we offer precise, one-hour installation windows and even offer same-day installation in some markets. We know your time is precious, and we’ll work quickly and efficiently to outfit your home.

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Reach out and contact us about installing a smart thermostat in your home. Our trained professionals can provide you with a free quote and help you choose a plan that meets your home’s needs. Or, if you’re ready to pull the trigger, we can have one of our expert teammates out to install your new system as soon as today.

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