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Flood Sensor Installation in Phoenix, AZ

While most people have heard of door and window sensors, flood sensors may not be as well known, but they are extremely important. Knowing when you have a flood problem before things get out of hand can potentially save you thousands of dollars in flood damage

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Flood Sensors

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Where Should You Place Flood Sensors?

Flood sensors are key to catching leaks before they become bigger problems. While most people think of flood sensors as an alert when there is inclement weather, that’s not always the case. Flood sensors are a key component of helping keep your home safe and should be placed in the following areas:


When your basement is taking on water, you may not be aware if you don’t go into that part of the home often. Flooding basements can cause mold and mildew that eventually start affecting other areas of the home and the health of you and your family. If a leak is detected in your home, you’ll receive a notification on the ADT Control app to help limit the damage.


Worried about the damage that a leak in the bathroom can cause? A flood sensor can help detect the problem right when it arrives so you can get it taken care of quickly.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry room nightmares usually start with the washing machine overflowing. Imagine being away from home when this occurs, and you have no idea. That’s a tragedy you don’t want to happen. A flood sensor can give you a heads up and indicate you need to get home as soon as possible.

Under Sinks

It’s easy to miss a leak under the sink if you aren’t looking for it. Flood sensors help with detecting these types of leaks to help get them handled before you’re in a situation where everything needs replacing.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are notorious for going out when you least expect. What’s worse? A water heater leak that becomes worse over time because you haven’t noticed the problem. These types of leaks can be costly if not caught when the problem arises. A flood sensor can help mitigate these problems.

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Professional Flood Sensor Monitoring to Minimize Risk

Being a homeowner isn’t easy. There are situations that happen, and you are responsible for taking care of them. No one thinks about their home flooding, but leaks and floods can cause significant damage to a home, creating additional costs that you weren’t expecting. The problem with leaks in places you might not notice is that they cause damage before you are even aware that they exist.

Flood sensors can be installed by professionals from SafeStreets in those incognito areas that may become a problem. Our team of professionals knows where these sensors should be placed for the most protection. We provide installation in these areas to help ensure proper placement and installation to ensure they are in good working order. Help achieve a higher level of protection to your home by getting flood sensors installed. You’ll thank yourself later for being proactive and taking the extra step. Contact the SafeStreets team today to get started.

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SafeStreets: A History of Excellence

We’ve worked as an ADT Authorized Provider selling and installing ADT-monitored home security and safety systems from the beginning. Our ownership group and senior managers have extensive industry experience and knowledge, showcasing their expertise in how we work. Our team operates in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and has a network of nearly 300 trained Installation Consultants. Our footprint across America provides professional installation and service to every one of our customers.
Our services are extensive, with same-day installation available in most of our locations. We take pride in every home we service, with nearly 99% of our installation consultants being at their first appointments within a one-hour installation window. We believe in training, customer service, and happy customers. We fully stand behind our mission – to enhance the quality of life of people everywhere through helping to protect what they value most.

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Don’t take the chance of having a leak go undetected. Our team can help you pinpoint the best locations to ensure you know what’s going on in your home. This is the best way to help avoid unwanted costs and damage you weren’t expecting. For more information on our flood sensor installation services in Phoenix, AZ, contact SafeStreets today!

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