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Phoenix, AZ Indoor Security Camera Installation

SafeStreets specializes in the installation of indoor security cameras. These cameras help provide the highest levels of security in every part of the home. We provide recommendations for homeowners in Phoenix, AZ to help keep them safe and happy with the best security cameras and installation around. Reach out to us today to schedule service.

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Features of ADT-Monitored Indoor Security Cameras

Our ADT-monitored indoor security cameras have many features that help enhance the overall security system while exposing all vulnerable areas. These features make having an indoor security camera worthwhile:

  • High-quality images. The camera delivers hi-resolution pictures and video to help easily identify anyone that trips the camera.
  • 360-degree view. Based on the placement of the cameras, you may be able to shift between them for a complete view of your areas to know what’s going on.
  • Two-way audio. We are able to notify the homeowner immediately about what’s going on in real-time.
  • Phone notifications. The system provides phone alerts and notifications whenever you’re traveling.

Additional features of SafeStreets’ ADT-monitored security cameras include infrared night vision, sleek design, mobile alerts, and more. Mobile alerts are effective and help move the needle in your overall safety plan.

All of these features work together to help keep your home secure. Pair your camera and security sensors for maximum results. There is always a reason for an indoor security camera that meets your specifications and does what it needs to do.

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Indoor Security Cameras Provide Smart Alerts

What are smart alerts? Consider the following – you’re away from home but can still get pertinent information via your indoor security camera. Our indoor security cameras are very intelligent and can differentiate between minor and major events, alerting the homeowner of any major issues detected throughout the day. With 24/7 ADT monitoring, the camera is always on and always working. A specialized team of ADT professionals is ready to dispatch the authorities once certain alerts come through.

Smart alerts are just another feature of a connected home which includes indoor security cameras in select places based on a complete assessment of your property. While there are areas that can be captured with just one camera, a good plan has multiple cameras strategically placed throughout the home to help make sure every area is covered. With multiple cameras indoors providing smart alerts, you’ll know how things are going when you’re at home or away. All you need is a mobile device.

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Choose SafeStreets for Indoor Security Camera Installation

SafeStreets helps provide homeowners with the best security products on the market today. With a variety of indoor security camera options, our team provides the education and resources to help you make educated decisions that help enhance your safety plan. Our goal is to help ensure you understand how an indoor security camera works for your benefit.
SafeStreets is a top-rated business that helps homeowners across Phoenix and beyond stay safe and protected. A strong security plan for a home can’t go without a home security camera. Once we help you determine what you need, we install your camera when you want, working around your schedule.
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Contact SafeStreets for Indoor Camera Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Safe and effective indoor camera installation is just a phone call away in Phoenix, AZ. The team at SafeStreets has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide a smooth transition and installation of your indoor cameras. We’re here to help and make things easy for you with our team of dedicated pros. For more information on getting your indoor cameras installed, call SafeStreets today!

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