Glass Break Sensor Installation in Phoenix, AZ

One of the most popular ways for burglars to get in is through the windows. Having a sensor that automatically detects when the glass has shattered or is being tampered with can help give you peace of mind. SafeStreets installs ADT-monitored door and window sensors to help add an extra layer of protection.

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Glass Break Sensors

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Glass Break Sensors Can Help Deter Crime

Criminals today are continuously looking for ways to infiltrate homes where they are undetected. Criminals don’t always attempt to break in through a door. Sometimes, they’ll attempt to break in through a window by breaking the glass. The one thing intruders aren’t anticipating: glass break sensors.

A glass break sensor helps make sure you are protected in every way. The ultimate goal is to help make sure your family and friends are safe. Find out more about our glass break sensors and how they can help effectively deter crime in and around your home.

Glass Break 2 - Home Security Systems
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Glass Break Sensors Offer Superior Coverage

When your safety or belongings are at stake, having the right equipment makes a huge difference. A single sensor has a range of up to 25 feet. This will help catch any breaks occurring in areas where the sensors are placed and help cut down on the number of sensors your home will need. A few advantages of glass break sensors include:

  • Covering for large areas. There is no need for sensors in every window with a glass break sensor.
  • Connectivity. Download the mobile app and receive alerts every time something goes wrong.
  • Notifications. Getting wind of the problem right away helps address issues before they occur.

With customized options that are designed to meet all of your home’s needs, SafeStreets can help find the best solutions for your home. Glass break sensors feature silent triggers that are immediately tripped once your window is broken.

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Packages and Plans from SafeStreets

SafeStreets provides plans and packages to help ensure your protection and meet all of your needs.
All plans from SafeStreets are designed to help provide you with the best home security equipment in the industry. These bundled packages offer increased convenience and affordability.
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Help protect your property the right way! Make sure your home is a deterrent for intruders wishing to circumvent your door and window sensors. Understanding how this can help provide additional protection for your home is key. Our team is ready to help you schedule installation for your glass break sensors today.

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