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Smoke Detector Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Fire safety systems are an important component of the overall safety of your Phoenix, AZ area home. With the installation of ADT-monitored smoke detectors, you can be alerted to fire quickly. Help add an extra layer of protection to your home by installing smoke detectors from SafeStreets.

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Smoke Detectors

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Professional Smoke Detector Installation from SafeStreets

The team at SafeStreets in Phoenix, AZ has significant experience and knowledge in how to place and install ADT-monitored smoke detectors. With professional installation from SafeStreets, you can rest easy knowing that your smoke detectors were installed correctly and that you will be alerted should any smoke or fires occur.

With LED lights and sound indicators, you will know when your detector is working and when it is not. When you want maximum protection from fire and smoke for your family and home, ensure that your home is backed by the most advanced technology available.

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Where Should Smoke Detectors Be Installed?

It’s important to have the latest technology for detecting fires, as well as having all of the smoke detectors in the home be placed in the proper locations. A professional from SafeStreets will assess your home before any units are installed. This will help them to know how many units you need and to help determine where each of them should be placed. Typically, smoke detectors should be installed inside and outside of any bedroom and in common areas.

The most important things in any home are the people within it. That’s why it’s so crucial to have smoke detectors installed in rooms most commonly occupied by members of the family. Be sure that your loved ones are staying as safe as possible by installing smoke detectors in the proper areas.

When you purchase smoke detectors from SafeStreets, we’ll help you identify the best areas to install them. Ideally, smoke detectors should be installed on every floor of the home, and this includes the basements. Help everyone within your home rest easier than ever before by installing smoke detectors from SafeStreets.

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Monitor Your Smoke Detection from Virtually Anywhere With Help from SafeStreets

ADT-monitored smoke detectors from SafeStreets can alert you to smoke and fire in your home, no matter where you are, through your mobile device. Should you receive any alerts that smoke is present in your home, you can quickly alert authorities to help ensure that damage is minimized.
Our smoke detectors can integrate with any existing smart devices within your home. For example, when combined with a smart thermostat, you can turn off your home’s HVAC system so that the spread of smoke will slow down. This helps provide a greater level of control and protection from smoke and fire.

Schedule Smoke Detector Installation With SafeStreets

Fires can start and spread quickly, so it’s crucial to make sure that everyone within the home is aware of any smoke so that they can safely exit the premises as quickly as possible. Smoke detectors are a great step to take in ensuring that your family is staying as safe as possible.

Help keep your Phoenix, AZ home and everyone in it safe with the installation of ADT-monitored smoke detectors. These units have cutting-edge technology that makes them important safety equipment for every home. Have SafeStreets install your smoke detectors to help keep your home better protected in case of smoke or fire.

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