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Phoenix, AZ Outdoor Security Camera Installation

Looking to help add protection for the outside of your home? This starts with the right outdoor security cameras. At SafeStreets, we provide top-notch outdoor security cameras and installation for homeowners in the Phoenix, AZ area. Having a camera and knowing how to make it work for you are key in getting the results you seek. We’re ready to help you improve the overall security of your home.

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Set Alerts for Smart Protection

When you have more than one camera in your security plan, cameras can differentiate between each other to help alert you when certain things are detected on your property. These can include people, vehicles, and pets. Our team helps you determine the type of alerts you want to receive to make sure that you aren’t unnecessarily receiving excessive amounts of notifications.

Smart and intuitive, outdoor security cameras help to provide a great level of protection when you are away. If someone was looking at or attempting to steal a vehicle from under you, would you know it? Setting alerts will help ensure that you’re notified if any unwanted strangers are on your property.

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Live and Recorded Video Playback

Receiving live and recorded video playback in 720p HD provides video that gives crisp, clear images for you to make certain distinctions in what you see. Whether you are home or away, you will be able to see areas that are carefully and strategically selected as part of your security plan. If you’re ever wondering what’s going on outside, you can open your app and check your system. The live feed shows your property with infrared night vision capabilities. Weatherproof and waterproof, your cameras are built to withstand all weather conditions.

Should anybody try to break into your home, recorded video playback will help reveal the criminal. Recorded video can be used to help aid the police in their pursuit of catching the culprit. With live and recorded video, you’ll always know who is on your property.

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Home Automation Options from SafeStreets

Be strategic in the way you automate your home. You can control your entire system with a remote control or the ADT Control app. We offer a variety of options that can help enhance your existing system or add new pieces to create a more robust system that works for your increasing needs. Now’s the time to consider automating your home so that all of your equipment can work together.


Security cameras can work with your outdoor lighting system to turn on when any motion is detected. You can also set your thermostat and inside lighting to come on when there is motion, or the sun is setting. Your outdoor camera can also work with your ADT Video Doorbell which activates when someone comes close to the door. There are many ways to create a custom, connected home.

The SafeStreets team is ready to discuss your options and help create a strategy that helps to enhance your protection on a daily basis. Automation is the wave of the future, and the SafeStreet team can help you identify and install equipment that best meets your needs.


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Schedule Outdoor Security Camera Installation With SafeStreets

There’s nothing better than being able to schedule your outdoor security camera installation with a company that understands your needs. We help you create a security plan that works for you with the equipment that makes the difference. The right outdoor security cameras help do the job well. We carefully assess where your cameras should be placed, giving you options that help remove your vulnerabilities. Give us a call to schedule your outdoor security camera installation with SafeStreets today!

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