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Smart Lighting Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Smart lighting makes it easier than ever to control your home’s lighting systems. Screwed into place just like standard light bulbs, smart light bulbs can be dimmed or made brighter through the ADT Control app. Additionally, smart lighting can integrate with the rest of your home’s smart security systems to help create complete home automation.

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Smart Lighting

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Features of Smart Light Bulbs From SafeStreets

Smart light bulbs from SafeStreets use Z-wave technology, which is compatible with virtually any device and allows you to easily use the bulbs as desired. With smart light bulbs, you can control any light from your mobile device and turn them on or off remotely. You can even schedule your lights to come on or go off at a certain time.

Some of the main features of smart lighting from SafeStreets include:

Simple Setup

The setup is simple and easy so that you don't have to spend much time learning an entirely new system. Talk to our experts about the setup if you want to learn more about these smart bulbs.

Light Dimmer

With ADT-monitored smart lighting, you can dim any light you want. Get the amount of light that you want in just seconds.

SafeStreets’ smart light bulbs also offer these additional features:


  • Two-way communication to help ensure reliable operation throughout your home.
  • Universally compatible to work with standard light fixtures.
  • Schedule lights to dim or turn off based on your set schedule.
  • Simple installation.
  • Smart lights can be set up to turn on if an alarm in your home is triggered.
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The Importance of Installing a Smart Outdoor Lighting System

The lighting on the outside of your house is an important part of your home's security. You can program smart lights to come on at a certain time so that you aren't coming home to a dark house. A well-lit home can even help deter burglaries and break-ins.

Your outdoor lighting system is a big part of how your home is perceived, and it's a great way to add ambiance to the home. Landscaping lights will provide some light at night, as well as help showcase your landscaping efforts. With smart lighting on the outside of your home, it helps you have peace of mind in knowing that the lights can come on in seconds, and you don't have to leave your bed or your car to turn them on.

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If you’re interested in a smart lighting system, contact us today for a free installation quote in Phoenix, AZ. It’s hard to know what kind of lighting system works well with your budget, but SafeStreets can help.
SafeStreets can take all of your information and help create a lighting system that works for you and your budget. Having smart lighting is an important part of your safety, as well as the overall safety of your home, and we’re dedicated to helping you protect it with ADT-monitored lighting systems.
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If you’re ready to provide your home with a new layer of safety, schedule smart light installation from SafeStreets. A trained professional at SafeStreets in Phoenix, AZ will work with you to help find the right system for your home. They will also help ensure that the bulbs are correctly installed and are working for you.

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