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Outdoor Security Camera Installation in Tampa, FL

You deserve the very best home protection, and with the help of outdoor security cameras, you can monitor activity that occurs on the outside of your home and around your property even when you’re not home. This can give you added peace of mind, as well as allow you to help protect your home and family from unwanted guests, intruders, and even predatory animals.

With so many dangers threatening the outside of your home and property, SafeStreets is here to help protect your home using ADT-monitored outdoor security cameras.

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The Best Spots to Install Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are incredibly versatile, and they can be placed in various areas of the home to help ensure your property is well-protected. Some of the best areas to place outdoor cameras include:


Although garages are convenient to store valuables such as your vehicles, they are also very common entry points for intruders. Help keep your vehicles and other items safe by installing outdoor security cameras to monitor your garage. If your garage leads into your home, you can help ensure no intruders are trying to gain access to your main home with cameras installed in the garage.


Outdoor cameras placed in the driveway are excellent at helping monitor who is coming in and out of your home. Whether you want to help protect your family or monitor for unexpected vehicles, outdoor driveway cameras are a great choice.

Front Doors

The front door can be a common place for intruders to attempt to break into the home. What’s even scarier is that burglars and intruders can even attempt to coax unsuspecting homeowners and younger family members to let them in willingly into the home! Capture images of these intruders using front door outdoor security cameras.

Back and Side Doors

Another common area where intruders might attempt to break in includes the back and side doors of the home. Unfortunately, many homeowners might not pay attention to these areas. Fortunately, with SafeStreets’ ADT-monitored outdoor cameras, you can capture every entry point of the home, including back and side doors.

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Create Mobile Alerts When Activity Is Detected

With the power of SafeStreets outdoor security cameras and advanced SafeStreets’ technology and monitoring, you can be alerted at the first sign of potential trouble. If there is movement detected in the front of your outdoor cameras, you will receive instant notifications on your phone, whether you’re inside the home or away from the home.

This can help you to be more aware of potential intruders and be ready to notify the police. SafeStreets’ outdoor cameras also come equipped with 24/7 ADT monitoring to alert authorities of any movement when your system is armed. In addition, you can view live images or recorded images to help you (and local authorities) determine what these intruders look like, or even if there were any intruders at all.

All of this technology is at the power of your fingertips with the help of ADT Control app’s mobile alerts and notifications. You can rest assured your home will continue to be monitored, even in inclement weather and at nighttime, thanks to infrared technology. Our outdoor security cameras can be placed wherever you need them, such as guest houses, outdoor play areas, or surrounding areas of your property.

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The Benefits of Working With SafeStreets

Don’t just install security cameras on your own haphazardly. A member of the SafeStreets team will be able to install them in the best locations so you get the most out of this technology. And all of our outdoor security cameras include ADT monitoring so you’ll have one of the most reliable and trustworthy security system installers in America to help protect your home.

SafeStreets is one of the oldest, largest, and trusted ADT Authorized Providers in the United States. We operate in 44 states, including the District of Columbia, and have over 500 Smart Security Pros on standby ready to help you secure your home within a day! We offer a one-hour time frame for your outdoor security system installation and installation of other equipment.

This means you’ll be able to arm your home as soon as possible and start helping to protect your family immediately. In addition, SafeStreets offers 24/7 ADT monitoring with all security packages. Maintenance and extended warranty are also offered on our equipment, so you can feel confident that your outdoor or indoor security cameras will always be up to date and working properly.

Our customers rave in many reviews about SafeStreets’ professional installation team, their caring attitude, and their ability to answer all questions and help ensure your home is properly secured.

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There’s no better way to help protect your home than with the combined power of SafeStreets’ technology. Use our ADT-monitored outdoor cameras to help ensure every inch of your home is protected and under your watchful eye.

Capture images of intruders, predators, or even help protect your neighbor’s property using SafeStreets’ outdoor camera system with ADT monitoring. You’ll receive instant notifications and breathe a sigh of relief with real-time footage and alerts delivered right to your phone. Call us today for a free quote and to see how you can get started on helping to protect your Tampa, FL home.

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