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Indianapolis residents, if you’re looking for a trusted security system to help safeguard your home – SafeStreets is here for you! We are committed to ensuring that our customers feel more secure with unparalleled service and reliable protection. It would be an honor to help serve and protect you too. Our company prioritizes customer satisfaction, so come experience the peace of mind we can offer today! If safety and assurance matter most in protecting your family members or possessions – let us show you how SafeStreets can help provide all these things in one package!

With our comprehensive collection of security cameras, modern safety systems, fire, and life protection products as well as innovative home options tailored to your needs – you’re sure to find the perfect fit. So don’t wait! Contact us now for assistance in setting up an appointment and we will be more than delighted to help you!

Help Ensure the Safety of Your Loved Ones with Unparalleled Home Security Systems

Keeping your home and family safe is of the utmost importance. Install door and window sensors to help guarantee a higher level of protection against intruders — these clever gadgets can detect any movement near entryways, immediately notifying you if someone attempts an unlawful entrance. With such assurance available, investing in reliable security technology should be at the top of your priority list!

Take control of your security with our sophisticated smart door locks! You can access all doors either through a remote connection or, if you prefer the old-fashioned way, simply via a keypad. But that’s not all – our advanced glass break sensors detect broken windows from up to 25 feet away and can alert you immediately so that necessary action can be taken right away. Invest in peace of mind today by investing in one of these remarkable locks!

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What Everyone is Saying About SafeStreets

Was very informative, courteous, friendly, organized and cleaned up after himself. He answered all questions and showed me how to use the alarm pad and app.

Marilyn Huff

The technician was very professional. Friendly, discreet, and thorough. Made sure everything worked properly and was explained clearly, and he cleaned up after himself. 10/10 would recommend!

Austin Breault

5 star service we made the right choice!!

Ernest Garcia

The technician was fantastic. Smart, knowledgeable, polite and efficient. Thank you!

Julia T.

Tech was great at explaining everything and very patient with us. Can’t be any happier with this great system.

Byron Luers

Better Ensure the Safety of Your Indianapolis, IN Home with Surveillance Cameras

Feel more secure and shielded in your own abode with SafeStreets’ cutting-edge video doorbell cameras! Deter unwanted guests simply by easily monitoring who is outside without having to open the entrance. In addition, their two-way communication feature allows you to converse directly through the camera while staying reassuringly safe inside!

Help make sure all of your property is secure – inside and out. With our home security cameras, you can monitor the safety of your family and pets when away from home. But if that’s not enough coverage for those exterior spaces too, we offer advanced outdoor solutions like no other. This service will work seamlessly with our alarm system to alert you immediately about any suspicious activity outside of your property! Help protect every corner by utilizing our sophisticated solutions today!

Help Improve the Security of Your Family with Innovative Fire and Life Protection Systems

As an ADT Authorized Provider, we offer 24/7 ADT-monitoring with a host of products to help ensure the utmost security for your family. Our flood sensors provide real-time detection so you don’t have to constantly scan the premises – meaning quicker responses! Allow us to assist in selecting where these detectors should be located and professionally install them as well for additional peace of mind!

Help protect your family and keep them safe from the lethal consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning! Although invisible, this gas can be fatal within minutes if undetected – that’s why it is highly important to install our advanced detectors in every room of your home. Our state-of-the-art technology can detect any signs or leaks of danger immediately, providing you with assurance that everybody under your roof is better protected against this silent killer.

At our company, family safety is a top priority. That’s why we offer dependable smoke detectors to help provide the protection your loved ones deserve. We’ll help you determine the best spots for installation and even take on setup duties so they are ready to go before you leave home. Investing in peace of mind has never been easier; get reliable smoke detectors today!

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Indianapolis Residents: Prepare for the Next Level of Home Automation Solutions!

Indulge in the convenience of home automation and take pleasure in your cozy lifestyle. Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could brew a cup of coffee without ever having to leave the bed? With smart plugs, this luxury is yours! Smart plugs bridge any appliance with its wall outlet, making it easy for you to adjust power flow from anywhere using almost any device – so now everything has become ‘smarter’ at lightning speed.

Don’t stress about forgetting to switch off the lights before leaving for work – the ADT Control app allows you peace of mind, knowing you’re helping keep your home safe and secure. You can conveniently control all lighting from virtually any location! On top of that, we provide smart thermostats so you can monitor energy use and adjust HVAC patterns while away with ease. Not only will this help save time but also money on electricity bills!

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